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Lyne Eaker, Managing Principal, Tantus Solutions GroupLyne Eaker, Managing Principal
Systems that support offender and jail management (OMS and JMS) have evolved from mainframe-based home-grown solutions to an environment dominated by Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) options. Many corrections agencies now face the reality that their legacy systems have lived well past their anticipated life-span and cannot be adapted to meet evolving business needs, and critically, the people who built or maintained these systems are retiring. Additionally, the pace of policy reform in corrections is increasing and requires innovative solutions that can support organizational effectiveness while benefiting offender management and rehabilitation goals.

Further, the investment life-cycle in corrections is long – once implemented, systems must be sustained for 10 – 15+ years. Faced with these realities, corrections agencies have to get their system selection and implementation right the first time. Based in Edmonton, Canada, Tantus Solutions Group works with corrections agencies across North America and internationally to provide consulting services and support through the full life-cycle of business requirements definition, procurement, system selection and implementation, with a focus on ensuring alignment between IT and business objectives and ultimately, maximizing the value of the agency’s investment.

Lyne Eaker is the Managing Principal of Tantus’ Justice and Enforcement practice. He notes that while implementing offender or jail management systems, agencies often face difficulties defining their requirements to align with their future operating model versus the current state. To this end, Tantus works with their clients to build appropriate strategies and plan organizational changes to improve business operations by leveraging new technologies. Tantus also provides support through the procurement and implementation life-cycle, always with a focus on the defined outcomes and objectives.

Tantus Solutions Group focuses on the alignment between IT and business objectives while maximizing the value of our client’s investments

“We examine the current needs of our client while challenging them to look to current gaps and future needs to ensure the proper foundation is put in place,” adds Eaker. “This is elemental in selecting vendors during the procurement process and meeting the agencies objectives throughout the transition and implementation activities,” adds the industry veteran. Tantus has played a pivotal role in reinforcing the corrections IMT ecosystem. A case worth highlighting is of an agency that had three distinct legacy systems to manage offenders - youth in custody, adults in custody and offenders in the community. To meet their vision of replacing their aging systems with an integrated commercial-off-the-shelf application, the agency joined hands with Tantus. “As all three systems were from different decades - we first examined if any of those were competent for future use,” adds Eaker. Next, the firm evaluated potential solutions and met with multiple OMS vendors to assess the functional capabilities available in the marketplace. Following the procurement and selection process, the new OMS was successfully designed, configured and deployed to all business units across the agency and to their criminal justice partners.

Moving forward, Tantus sees many opportunities to leverage OMS and JMS platforms and introduce additional innovation into the corrections space. “Leveraging innovation in the areas of business intelligence and the use of mobility, both from a corrections agency staff and offender perspective, are just two examples where we believe corrections agencies can reap significant benefits and support their goals through targeted IMT investments,” Eaker notes.

Powered by a cross-functional team having more than seven decades of combined experience in consulting of adult, youth and community corrections environments, Tantus constantly works to enhance corrections operations. Owing to its in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system, the firm continually strives to support and enable corrections agencies to streamline their operations and meet the challenges they face today and into the future.

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Tantus Solutions Group

Edmonton, Alberta

Lyne Eaker, Managing Principal

Tantus Solutions Group Inc is a consulting company made up of specialists that average over 15 years of experience serving clients throughout North America. Tantus support organizations in the planning, delivery, and management of their key corporate initiatives and strive to provide flexible and valued services to their partners. At Tantus, the goal is to support organizations in striking the right balance between their Information Technology investments and business strategies. This philosophy helps organizations maximize the benefits technology can provide in support of strategic, tactical and operational goals