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Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

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Feature of the Week

Robots can save citizens' lives and increase officer safety as it can be used in bomb operations, standoff situations, and many other ways  Read more
Police will cooperate with the community to maintain an open channel of communication so that people understand advanced technologies are not vicious, and once the stigma fades, the public will recognize its usefulness.  Read more
Technology cannot substitute the essential resources people require in a crisis, but it is revolutionizing disaster relief efforts and paving the path for a new humanitarian relief strategy.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Linda Gerull, CIO and Executive Director of the Department of Technology for the City and County of San Francisco  
The internet is transforming the way one engages with friends, family, healthcare, businesses, work, education, and so much more. Yet tools like high-quality internet are not regularly accessible to all San Franciscans.  Read more
By Muslim Gadiwalla, Chief Information Officer, The City of St. Petersburg  
“IT is a service and a person with a service-oriented mindset will always be more successful in IT leadership than someone whose only desire is to be a tech guru.”  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Sherif Agib,   
Provides a legislative management platform to help government officials provide consistency, stability and the best service quality to citizens  Read more
By Steven Raucher,   
RapidDeploy provides innovative cloud-based solutions that upend the existing 9-1-1 technology stack and enable data integration and visualization across the entire 9-1-1 workflow. RapidDeploy’s product portfolio consists of web-based analytics,...  Read more
By Kurt Buehler, President,   
Image Matters makes a significant difference by helping federal customers understand their data and augmenting their mission capabilities while making information easily available and accessible. The company focuses on sound enterprise...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Michael Mestrovich, Principal Deputy Chief Information Officer, U.S. Department of State  
By Eric S. Finch,Chief Innovation and Technology Officer – Mayor’s Cabinet, City of Spokane, Washington  
In the next ten years it is estimated that the typical mid-sized city will have upwards of 100,000Internet Protocol (IP) edge devices and sensors that will be capturing data and operational in nature across all lines of business  Read more