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Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, December 12,2019

Feature of the Week

The heart and soul of the internet DNS act as a giant phonebook that is used by a computer to map hostnames to the IP addresses to interact with public services, which makes is a viral target among the hackers.  Read more
In a world where ransomware and other cyberattacks are rampant, any delay in the restoration of data can damage or interrupt workflows supporting citizen services.  Read more
We have heard about campaigns being affected by cyberattacks. However, it seems voters are not in a safe zone as well.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Craig Hopkins, CIO, City of San Antonio  
Rather than chasing after new technologies and solutions, it is the problem-solving approach that drives our actions  Read more
By Harold Sass, CIO, State of Kansas  
Artificial intelligence and machine learning in the space of video intelligence is also a matter of concern as it does not seem mature enough, and holds the potential to put an organization at risk.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Dr. Daniel Reininger, President & CEO,   
The company offers a video intelligence platform to provide solutions capable of processing large number of video feeds in near real-time alongside large amounts of archived video. Semandex develops software to transform large volumes of data into...  Read more
By Marc San Pedro, Sr. Director of Software Engineering,   
IDEMIA NSS is a pioneer in developing video surveillance solutions for its clients. It’s embedded real-time video analytics makes its flagship offering, theIdentity Intelligence Video Surveillance Platform(i2VSP) even more effective and...  Read more
By Louis Dace, CEO,   
Easy-to-deploy and affordable, intelligent video analytics solutions for a plethora of public and private sector as well as consumer-centric applications. Sense Traffic Pulse™’s video analytics solution can infer data from live videos as well...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Richard Amer, Industry Director Global Public Sector, Unisys [NYSE: UIS]  
Security and privacy must be built into all aspects of the end-to-end service as the responsibility of everyone involved.  Read more
By Benjamin Almquist, Director of Emergency Preparedness, Berkeley County Government  
If you work in government emergency management then you know that there is never enough. Never enough funding, never enough personnel, never enough resources, never enough time.  Read more