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March 21, 2019

Gov CIO Outlook Weekly Brief

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Feature of the Week
Artificial intelligence tools have already shown the ability to make private enterprises more efficient, and there is a substantial reason to believe that these same benefits can be translated into public sector organizations.
Cyber attacks are the biggest challenge and drawback of the technological era. Annually organizations from around the world face a huge economic loss because of the same and they strive to build a robust solution against it.
Until now there had been no fabric that changes its insulation properties in accordance with the environment, except some gloves and hats that promise high-tech thermal regulation.
Featured Vendors
Offers a full stack of managed security services and promotes a robust and secure culture.
Provides managed security services, cloud security, and security consulting services to government and private sector clients.
OASYS, INC.’s Shift Left model tackles security challenges early-on in the software and infrastructural development cycle.
CIO Viewpoint
Mark Decker, CIO, Jackson County Oregon
Headline-grabbing attacks on high-profile American political targets are the tip of the iceberg. Attacks on lower-profile targets typically go unreported, if they are even detected at all.
Michael Mayta, CIO, City of Wichita, Kansas
The digital environments we all work in demand a more expansive view and certainly a more inclusive vision security.
CXO Insights
By Richard Reed, Network Management and Operations Director, First Responder Network Authority
With modern technologies, first responders have access to a wealth of data and capabilities that can significantly enhance their operational response.
By Dr. John Loughnane, Chief Innovation Officer, Commonwealth Care Alliance®
With one setup, a clinician's care plan can be communicated effectively to the patient and easily modified when clinically indicated.