Keep Raising the Bar

Morgan Reed, CIO, State Of Arizona

Preventive Security for Data Protection

Nelson Moe, CIO, Commonwealth Of Virginia

How to Build Your InfoSecurity Team

Kevin Burns, CISO, Draper

Seven Security Priorities for 2017

Jeff Harris, VP, Security Solutions, Ixia

Organizations need to study their evolving attack surface and ensure they have the testing and operational visibility measures in place to make security effective

Security of Cloud Solutions

Security of Cloud Solutions

Mike Maier, CIO, Certified Security Officer, CTO, City Of Fort Lauderdale

Strategies to Steer Government Bodies in the Age of Data

Strategies to Steer Government Bodies in the Age of Data

Srikanth Karra, CIO, City Of Birmingham

Consolidating Customer Service Strategy

Consolidating Customer Service Strategy

David Cagigal, CIO, Wisconsin State

Big Data and Digital Transformation

Dr. Michael Valivullah, CTO, NASS/USDA

A common myth is that an organization needs to have a lot of structured and unstructured data collected from different sources including external sources to start analytics

Is Technology an Effective Tool to Manage Government Security?

Is Technology an Effective Tool to Manage Government Security?

Joanne Hale, Secretary Of Information Technology, State Of Alabama

While addressing challenges, a risk-based approach is often reckoned as holistic instead of a simple checkbox mode of control

  • Scalable IT Project Delivery Success Model

    Stephen W. Warren, CIO, Department Of Veterans Affairs

    Project Management Accountability System established a tracking mechanism to ensure every IT project delivered customer-facing functionality every six months or less

  • Security in a Digital Age

    David Behen, DTMB Director & CIO, State Of Michigan

    United States will face at some point a major cyber event that will have a serious effect on our lives, our economy and the everyday functioning of our society

  • From Consolidation to Consensus: Creating an Environment that Serves the Enterprise

    Karen Robinson, CIO, State Of Texas

    Sometimes, the solution lies not with the technology, but with gaining the consensus needed to move a project in a positive direction

  • Mobility: The Major Driver to Impact Strategic Agenda

    Robert E Day, CIO, Coast Guard

    Mobility demands an investment in both needed infrastructure and the training for a workforce that must morph from their server hugging days to cloud based, virtualization provisioning experts

Citizen Relationship Issue

Civic Innovation Project: Building 21st Century Cities