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Mark Musick, CEO, Informer SystemsMark Musick, CEO
Clark County Detention Center – Las Vegas, NV: 24 to 30 sergeants and lieutenants gather once again to pour over the schedule for the day. For the detention center’s 24/7/365 operation, they need to figure out the officers’ allotments and coverage across three different shifts over four different facilities. There’s something peculiar about the whole situation – it’s all being done on paper. This costs precious time, effort, and resources. Moreover, two lieutenants and two sergeants are tasked with creating and managing the quarterly shift bid process, remarkably also being done on paper. In doing so, the detention center is locking up an additional four valued resources 4-6 weeks every quarter. Whether it’s for officers requesting time off, requesting a shift trade, signing up for overtime, or being given a training assignment, it’s all being done manually on paper.

Until Schedule Express came into the picture. Developed by public safety management experts Informer Systems, Schedule Express is a fully-featured digital workforce management system that automated the entirety of the Clark County Detention Center’s scheduling workflow processes. With a workforce consisting of 1,500 correction officers, managing the schedule was a nightmare. Within six months of deploying Schedule Express, the 24 to 30 supervisory staff it previously took to manage the schedule were reduced to about four total people with a staggering 73 percent reduction in labor costs. After the move from manual to digital automation, the four people that were spending 4-6 weeks every quarter creating the next shift bid were reduced to a single lieutenant for a four to five day period.

In the unique marketplace that is public safety, the ability to deliver the need of the customer is very exacting. “Built and bred for public safety environments, Informer Systems has the ability to understand the very unique and complicated scheduling operations that are related to corrections,” says Mark Musick, CEO of Informer Systems.

Built and bred for public safety environments, Informer Systems has the ability to understand the very unique and complicated scheduling operations that are related to corrections

By going from a paper intensive scheduling environment to the digital automated solution Schedule Express, correctional facilities can significantly reduce the risks, costs, and complexities of scheduling and deploying their personnel. But an even bigger benefit is the return on investment reflected in the consistent 40 to 60 percent reduction in labor costs. Currently, Informer Systems’ Schedule Express has been deployed all across the country.

While scheduling in its generic sense is not complicated, scheduling in its public safety sense is extremely complicated. With Schedule Express operating entirely in the cloud in real-time, correction facility personnel can access their schedules anytime, anyplace, and on any device. With a date and time stamp tracking every transaction, Schedule Express audit and reporting capabilities provides rich data for analysis and action.

Musick points out that the single common denominator across all correctional facilities in the U.S. is that none of them operate the same. Every correctional facility has unique scheduling policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and collective bargaining agreements. “It’s these documents that dictate how a correctional facility is supposed to operate in relation to the scheduling of their workforce. Our area of expertise lies in indoctrinating ourselves into that environment that the correctional facility is operating under,” says Musick. They extract the agency’s workforce management scheduling processes and in turn custom-configure the Schedule Express application to that agency’s exacting operations.

With additional components to add, Informer Systems’ vision is to become the full end-to-end public safety workforce management solution from off duty to on duty, from clocking in to clocking out, all the way to direct integration to payroll.

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Mark Musick, CEO

For nearly 40 years, Informer Systems has been offering comprehensive and affordable solutions to the Public Safety industry. Developed in 2002, Schedule Express solves the most complex scheduling problems facing Public Safety agencies and is used by a broad number of organizations across the United States. Schedule Express is based on a world-class architecture and was developed by the same team of software engineers that created E*TRADE’s high-performance infrastructure, in addition to systems for Microsoft and NetApp. By offering a SaaS solution designed to scale to hundreds of thousands of users and support five 9s (99.999%) reliability requirements, Schedule Express can be easily configured to meet the needs of the most dynamic customer environments