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Schedule Express by Informer Systems: Intelligent Scheduling to Reinforce The Thin Blue Line

Mark Musick, CEO, Schedule Express by Informer SystemsMark Musick, CEO
The Thin Blue Line has always been synonymous with challenge, hardship, and perseverance. Today, the demands on those who serve are greater than ever.

A nation rife with civil unrest means protests, riots, increased crime – all accompanied by an unconscionable effort to defund/reduce funding for law enforcement agencies by city mayors and councils across America.

A pandemic rages across America, invoking state governors, city mayors, and county officials to place citizens in lockdown in their homes, devasting city and county tax bases and budgets.

The shifting cultural perception of the Thin Blue Line creates an environment where career law enforcement officers are retiring early, and potential new recruits are thinking twice about entering a career in law enforcement.

Together, these extreme conditions are creating an unexpected reduction in force – at a time when law enforcement needs support and reinforcement the most.

What does all this have to do with AI workforce scheduling management? Everything.

Law enforcement agencies are being asked to do much more with much less – while being pushed and pulled on all sides. In the absence of external support, it’s more important than ever to equip agencies with the tools and support they need internally.

The use of intelligent scheduling means agencies know with confidence they have the right number of people at the right place, at the right time.

24/7/365 scheduling is complex under the best of circumstances. The challenge extends far beyond the balancing act of overstaffing or understaffing – it’s also paramount to accurately place the right personnel with the correct qualifications and skillsets during every single shift. The opportunity for human error is considerable, and the cost of mistakes can be expensive.

Enter Schedule Express.

Built by first responders for first responders, Informer Systems’ flagship product Schedule Express solves the most complex scheduling problems facing law enforcement.

Too many police departments are still using spreadsheets and calendars to track their personnel’s duty roster, overtime, time-off requests, shift trades, training, shift bids, special assignments, and more. Antiquated and cumbersome manual scheduling processes waste time and money – something public safety agencies never have enough of – while also opening the door to the risks and liabilities of fatigue, and negatively impacting the performance of the police department.

Using AI, Schedule Express is designed to automate intelligently labor-intensive tasks with utmost efficiency, producing an exceptional return on investment to the law enforcement agency

Situated at the midpoint between the cities of San Francisco and Sacramento, the city of Fairfield is home to Travis Air Force Base and the headquarters of Jelly Belly – it’s also a classic example of conventional workforce scheduling management.

With a city population approaching 120,000, the Fairfield Police Department operated for decades using paper forms and Excel spreadsheets to manage the scheduling of their workforce. Carbon copy paper forms were required to be filled out and signed by officers for overtime, time-off requests, shift-trade requests, and time sheets. Then, the physical document would be submitted to a sergeant or lieutenant for approval or denial. Finally, the four-page carbon copy form would be distributed to HR, payroll, captain(s), and back to the officer for filing and record keeping. The scheduling and tracking of an officer’s hours for grant work, court assignments, training and special assignments were all done by hand.

Unsurprisingly, this operation is a needlessly wasteful trifecta of slow, inefficient, and costly practices due to labor costs – while living in a world of technology and AI.

As former first responders, Informer Systems’ personnel understands that law enforcement work under increasing pressure to reduce costs while ensuring the public’s safety – and have expertly produced a solution that is being recognized by law enforcement agencies across America for its automation power, practicality, and ROI.

“We have used Schedule Express approximately eight years,” said Mike Wallace of the Weld County Sheriff’s Office. “The payback in efficiency and overtime cost is astonishing, to the sum of over two full-time head count annually in comparison to managing our previous scheduling practices.”

Schedule Express reduces risks, costs, complexities, and errors of scheduling the workforce through automation intelligence of an agency’s specific scheduling policies, procedures, rules, regulations, collective bargaining agreements, and memorandums of understanding. In doing so, Schedule Express ensures compliance, increased efficiencies and effectiveness – generating a proven and powerful ROI.

“Using AI, Schedule Express automates many scheduling workflow processes that occur daily in law enforcement,” said Mark Musick, CEO of Informer Systems. “Our solution intelligently automates labor-intensive tasks with calculated precision to maximize efficient resource management, producing an exceptional return on investment to the law enforcement agency.”

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Schedule Express by Informer Systems

Schedule Express by Informer Systems

San Mateo, CA

Mark Musick, CEO

Designed for first responders by first responders, Schedule Express reduces the risks, costs, and complexities of scheduling law enforcement personnel, while saving time and labor lost on traditional scheduling methods. Schedule Express generates a powerful ROI – protecting your budget and workforce