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HOPZERO: Where is Your Data Travelling?

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Bill Alderson, Founder and CTO, HOPZEROBill Alderson, Founder and CTO
Products like firewall, intrusion detection, Identity and Access Management (IAM) have dominated the security market. Despite many expensive security products, local government, law enforcement and commercial organizations are experiencing devastating cyber exploits and data compromises occur frequently. Security systems have resulted in higher costs and complexity without providing complete protection against cyber attacks. Amidst continual security breaches, organizations require an effective solution as the penalties for loss or mismanagement of data is extremely high. Bringing a completely new approach to data security is HOPZERO whose focus keeps essential data inside the organization, which despite attackers getting in, they cannot take data out. The company creates interactive data maps showing clients where their data is traveling across the world preventing data from reaching the hands of criminals. The company enlightens clients on who is using their data, where, how much and even how fast it travels. HOPZERO provides security at the TCP/IP network layer, taking advantage of protocol rules to limit how far data packets can travel, ensuring sensitive data is protected when all other security measures fail. HOPZERO protects even when firewalls fail – keeping data safe inside an organization.

Virtual Private Network VPNs used for remote workers during the pandemic are getting compromised regularly. HOPZERO keeps an eye on client’s VPNs. Imagine a US based organization seeing VPN connections from Russia, China or far outside where the company operates becomes an instant indication of criminal access. HOPZERO, detects such VPN and other anomalies preventing ransomware software from connecting, alarming clients of criminal activities.

HOPZERO’s solution, known as DataTravel Security System, works in tandem with the client’s existing IT infrastructure to hold data inside the organization. The system includes a DataTravel Auditor that tracks the movement of data using world-class data exfiltration visualization. HOPZERO informs of a potential hack, presenting powerful maps indicating where all their data is coming from or going called: DataTravel Analysis. HOPZERO shows DataTravel and then powerfully limits how far your Vital Server data may travel, keeping data inside the organization.

Both continuous monitoring and instantaneous emergency analysis are provided, HOPZERO offers a small device called a Recorder that records all DataTravel communications going out and coming into the client’s organization 24/7. When the system encounters a breach attempt, it notifies the client stopping phishing attacks from becoming effective by protecting vital data. The company has a companion product, Enforcer for IoT to monitor and limit systems such as thermostats, card badge readers, cameras, and more, to disallow them from getting exposed to the Internet. IoT Enforcer uses both the Recorder and Auditor information to recommend DataTravel limits on server communications to keep data protected.

HOPZERO’s robust security products are costeffective and fast to implement. The company presents clients proof of what data is prevented from a breach rather than making an unsubstantiated claim. Clients receive clarity and visibility into where and how far their data has traveled, lowering the attack surface avoiding data loss. “Our patented competitive advantage isusing network protocol theory packet mechanisms to control data at its source allowing us to limit what, where and how far information can travel, keeping data safe locally, so that remote criminals cannot access it,” says Bill Alderson, Founder and CTO, HOPZERO.

One of HOPZERO’s clients used the DataTravel Security System to track their DataTravel from an attack and because they could substantiate valuable data was not lost, was able to save millions of dollars not having to pay for credit report monitoring for 70,000 of their customers.

Continuing to empower clients with data security, HOPZERO’s patent allows licensing to speed DataTravel Limits technology to Internet service providers, healthcare and financial markets.

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Bill Alderson, Founder and CTO

HOPZERO provides new layer of distance based security protection to work in conjunction with all other methods adding a significant benefit