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Fotis Talantzis, CEO & Co-founder, NovovilleFotis Talantzis, CEO & Co-Founder
For a citizen, accessing a service is the first step in engaging with their local government. However, simple as these services might be, citizen engagement as a whole remains a complex challenge. Technology puts pressure on all forms of government to modernize services, become more responsive to public needs, provide efficient problem-solving, and be more open and transparent. This, in turn, can lead to more effective and meaningful democratic participation. Local governments are at the center of this transformation, due to their daily interaction with businesses, other public service organizations, and directly with citizens. Nevertheless, they inevitably struggle to keep pace with the expectations of digital citizens, and the cultural challenges associated with these changes.

Decision-makers in the 21st century need to harness the collective intelligence of the local community, without creating new costs or support burdens. Well-designed citizen-centric digital tools can offer ways to construct the fast, open, responsive and participatory public services of the future, which reflect the needs of the individual and the diversity of communities. By engaging citizens online, local governments can train people to a) use a cost-effective version of their services, b) understand the logic behind decisions and most importantly, c) make people more engaged and accountable.

In response to the growing need for more participatory, accountable, transparent, efficient and inclusive local governance, Novoville transforms the government-to-citizen interaction. The citizen engagement platform captures all incoming service requests from citizens, and uses basic AI to deliver custom responses. This integrates seamlessly into organizational workflows. A government no longer needs training to become agile, but rather becomes agile by using the Novoville system. The platform is offered as a cloud-based solution, reducing implementation time and costs. “Our out-of-the-box, modular technology integrates with existing systems and is fully GDPR compliant,” says Fotis Talantzis, CEO and co-founder of Novoville.

On one side, citizens can communicate with their local government instantly via their preferred channels, including familiar Novoville mobile apps, websites and chatbot discussions. They can apply for a service, report an issue outside their door and, most importantly, track how these are being processed and resolved. Novoville also allows people to voice their opinion by responding to polls, surveys and automated chatbot consultations. All of them motivated by facts and local stories. The platform also eliminates the need for large call-centers by providing answers through an FAQ Agent. Depending on the capacity of the council, citizens can also make online payments, and receive real-time notifications and alerts about things happening around them. It is worth noting that the simplicity of the online process led to 78% of submitted requests being resolved within five days in the 40 cities already using Novoville in Europe. As Fotis Talantzis adds, “on top of all other channels we empower governments to use social media, the place where people today read and discuss, in order to allow citizen self-service; this reduces the costly inbound calls and physical visits to government agencies”.

Our wide range of powerful consultation and communication tools makes it easy to reach a large number of citizens quickly, reducing costs by up to 80% while increasing engagement by at least 60%

At the other end of the spectrum, the cloud dashboard given to local governments allows for real-time access to their performance as they manage requests from citizens. This way, they gradually allocate resources more effectively and improve response times within their organization. For the first time, governments make data-driven decisions based solely on simple KPIs. To kick off engagement, local governments can use Novoville to create compelling social media campaigns in order to either communicate information or drive participation in a chatbot survey. “Our wide range of powerful consultation and communication tools makes it easy to reach a vast number of citizens quickly, reducing costs by up to 80%. Re-engagement rates are also astonishing, they typically are over 70%,” explains Iraklis Bourantas, COO and co-founder of Novoville.

The Novoville experience in mobile interfaces and payment gateways made the implementation of an end-to-end parking solution a no-brainer. Cities of any size can improve traffic conditions and achieve huge annual savings with online parking payments. “We believe that buying parking time or paying for a parking fine should be as easy as ordering a product online. Novoville technology guarantees live parking statistics and compliance with the highest security and privacy standards,” extols Fotis Talantzis.

The City of Athens, the capital city of Greece and the European Capital of Innovation for 2018, were concerned with making their CRM more efficient, engaging and cost-effective. They selected Novoville in order to save time and money on integration costs. Within only four months of operations, inbound calls and physical visits to the city hall were significantly reduced. Citizen satisfaction is increasing steadily and the mayor has for the first time a real-time view of the qualitative and geographical statistics of the interactions between citizens and services. They have resolved more than 19,600 citizen requests submitted by 8,500 Novoville users. Customer engagement tools that are considered standard in other sectors (e.g. automated notifications, performance statistics) are now available, driving transparency and openness.

Led by F. Talantzis and I. Bourantas, Novoville is a tech startup with a unique mission to convert public-services to a hassle-free interaction of people and governments. “We believe that the collective intelligence that people have about the places they live in should be the starting point for any policy design,” elaborates F. Talantzis. In this journey, data is crucial: Novoville conserves a never-ending measurement of feedback from users and customers.

Moving ahead, the company is launching its new chatbot agent that will do more than FAQs. It will hopefully deliver conversational services. In tandem, Novoville is advancing the parking platform with AI algorithms that predict space availability, while developing a citizen loyalty scheme. Recently, Novoville was nominated as one of the ten most promising GovTech startups in Europe. In terms of expansion, Novoville will soon be working with more than 120 cities in 4-5 European countries.

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FREMONT, CA: A country develops rapidly when both its citizens and the government are up-to-date with the policies and technology. Various startups need to work hand in hand with the government to improve public infrastructure both virtually and in reality. “We believe that the collective intelligence that people have about the places they live in should be the starting point for any policy design,” begins F. Talantzis, CEO of Novoville.
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