Smart Management Leads to Smart Parking!

Smart Management Leads to Smart Parking!

Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, June 29, 2020

Fotis Talantzis, CEO & Co-Founder

The process of reserving or purchasing a parking spot in the city of Athens has now been digitalized. Drivers and residents can access this service at the end of their fingertips and are available in both iOS and Android.

FREMONT, CA: A country develops rapidly when both its citizens and the government are up-to-date with the policies and technology. Various startups need to work hand in hand with the government to improve public infrastructure both virtually and in reality. “We believe that the collective intelligence that people have about the places they live in should be the starting point for any policy design,” begins F. Talantzis, CEO of Novoville.

Novoville is one of the many technology startups to have engaged in the betterment of society, one issue at a time. The company has taken up the responsibility of making parking a hassle-free experience. With the leadership of F. Talantzis and I. Bourantas, the startup has re-designed the myAthensPass, an app through which the drivers in the city of Athens, capital of Greece can by parking time efficiently and conveniently.

myAthensPass is a free mobile app that modernizes the method drivers pay for parking spaces in controlled zones, enhancing the quality of life in the city. The app, which is available both for Android and iOS, has been re-designed by Novoville to simplify the process of purchasing parking spaces and digitalizing user experience.

With the updated myAthensPass, motorists can locate exact positions via GPS, make flexible payments, receive reminders and notifications before the expiry of time, take extension grants remotely, and access historical transactions.

“We believe that buying parking time or paying for a fine should be as easy as ordering a product online. Novoville technology guarantees live parking statistics and compliance with the highest security and privacy standards,” extols Fotis Talantzis. With that being said, Novoville is recognized and listed as one among the Top 20 Govt and Public Sector Tech Solutions Provider in 2019 by the Govt CIO Outlook Magazine. Its parking dashboard collects, processes, and imparts real-time insights on parking activities, giving the authorities a forum to enhance services, optimize operation and processing, reduce costs, and improve enforcement of services for drivers and residents.

Authorities can monitor real-time and historic occupancy statistical data of individual parking spaces or divided regions, in correlation with customer behavior analytics and payment data. With IoT applications integrated with sensors, the customer parking data is centralized. Many cities with various problems related to traffic conditions and parking systems can achieve a huge difference in the management of the space and annual savings with online parking payments.

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