Why Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions are Required in era of 5G

Why Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions are Required in era of 5G

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, May 01, 2019

cybersecurityThe technology industry is in the midst of a major transformation in the communication networks with the evolution of 5G and IPv6 enabled global IT infrastructure. Many operators across the globe have already started to roll out the latest handsets and other devices that offer 5G services. While the 5G network is expected to enhance the network speed and provide new services, it will also increase the cybersecurity risks for organizations.

The 5G technology will allow network operators to deliver cutting-edge new services that support futuristic endeavors like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), smart cars, robotics, smart cities, drones, and many other innovative services. With the amount of connectivity that 5G networks will be able to provide, it is imperative for companies to roll out new cybersecurity strategies. The proliferation of IoT devices will also increase the cybersecurity risks, as the number of endpoints will increase tremendously. Enterprises need to secure all the layers of the OSI model to ensure optimum security for its network. 

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Data protection has always been one of the topmost priorities for organizations as any meddling with data can wreak havoc for their business. Organizations need to secure the customer data that flows into and out of devices to protect the integrity of information. The IoT endpoints that transmit data in real-time also need to be protected from people with malicious intent. The transaction data will also be at the security threat, as companies will start seeing more activities in the network core. The data will also be a security risk because the 5G technology will enable network slicing that will allow a user to create multiple simultaneous mini-networks that operate under different sets of security and service requirements.

Companies need an enhanced risk mitigation solution that offers the highest levels of security assurance across next-generation networks. Companies need to implement a shared model that includes a dedicated security organization to support continuous monitoring of operator networks and data. The security should have a strong focus on personal data security and privacy that comprises of identifying and protecting sensitive information.

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