State Cybersecurity for Improved Data Protection

State Cybersecurity for Improved Data Protection

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, February 15, 2019

Today, many countries are facing major cybersecurity threats. Every nation should have a wide array of ideas to prevent cyberattacks and protect their data. The countries’ administration including both state and federal government, have to focus on securing their cyberspace.

In every organization, the state cybersecurity has been providing the standard cybersecurity measures to avoid any mishaps like security breaches. New York’s cybersecurity regulations ensure the security of financial institutions and big banks. The state also ensures that the institutions are ready to face any malware attacks.

As zillions of states like Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, and New Jersey fall under the prey of cyberattacks, the states’ cybersecurity programs take it as a serious issue when compared to the federal government. Recently, the city of Atlanta has become the victim of a cyberattack that affected millions of dollars of damage to six million people in the state.

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State cybersecurity is better when compared with the federal cybersecurity. The state always creates the models and processes that are converted into regulations and laws by the federal government. Cyberattacks on a particular part of the state have a huge impact on the whole state’s economy, including law enforcement, medical services, power, and other infrastructure elements.

In addition, the cybersecurity of the federal government continues to have some risk factors.  Recently, the report from the White House sheds light upon the security management of the federal government. The report states that 74 percent of federal agencies come under “at risk” and “high risk” categories.

Business accountability is also a major differentiation factor between the federal and the state cybersecurity. Every business website of the state is responsible for safeguarding their site from the security breach. In order to stay in a secure place, the state not only provides its support to the enterprise, but it also provides incentives. The voting systems also head up under the supervision of the state government. Though the federal government renders the major support, the whole responsibility lies under the state cybersecurity. In order to deal with the hackers, the federal government has to allow the state government to understand the vulnerabilities related to a security breach.

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