Smart Tires The Next Big Thing

Smart Tires The Next Big Thing

Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, March 22, 2019

An under-inflated tire on a moving vehicle is hazardous. This cab leads to everything from frustrating congestion caused by breakdowns to dangerous collisions and life threat. As a solution, tires need to get smarter, and the good thing is that there is a great deal of work underway this idea. Leading tire manufacturers are experimenting with IoT connected sensors and software platforms to measure and monitor tire performance.

Sensors and Software

A sensor, mounted on the inner liner of the tire to measure tire pressure and temperature makes them ‘Intelligent tires.’ There is also underlying software which includes a web portal, which employees at the fleet operator use to monitor tires. For example, it shows the history of a particular tire and enables them to perform retrospective analyses. This system can send out notifications, o fleet managers when specific issues are identified, and maintenance work is needed. Leveraging the IoT save fleets time and money by protection their tires and improves safety for everyone who drives on the roadway.

Curing Bladder Coatings

In the production of smart tires, it is essential that the release agents applied or transferred to the blank be removed entirely after vulcanization. This ensures the polymers, foams, or sensors applied will adhere. Introducing RFID technology for bladders to improve traceability involves fitting bladders with tags containing information such as model name, production batch, and manufacturing date. These data will help to avert errors in allocating the bladders later in the process and makes them easier to identify.

The information stored on the RFID chip can be made available to the tire manufacturer. If a bladder is replaced in the tire press, the needed information for the new bladder can be read using RFID reader and linked to the curing press. This can help prevent mistakes. With this, it is possible to track which tire has been cured with which bladder information. In addition to antidegradants manufacturers offer vulcanization accelerators as they can affect both the speed of the cross-linking reaction and the physical properties of the products.

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