IoT Enabled Smart Cities: A step towards Advancement

IoT Enabled Smart Cities: A step towards Advancement

Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, February 25, 2019

The IoT or Internet of Things is supposed to revolutionize the way one interacts with the technology and will fundamentally change the way one lives their lives. The key attribute of this innovation is its ability to transfer data across the interconnected network without the need for manual intervention.

These multiple devices include vehicles, home appliances, security systems, vending machines, and the list goes on. How are these interconnected? These are variously equipped with sensors, software and other essential electronic components that animate the core functions of IoT.

Well, when one talks about the modern smart cities, IoT has a contribution. It functions through the numerous applications that enable video surveillance, smart parking spaces, meters, etc. Experts note that a modular end-to-end IoT solution for a smart city includes connectivity platforms, analytics modules, electronic applications, numerous layers of digital and electronic security and a host of devices. These essentials can help in building a fully shared, secured, and scalable infrastructure implementation of a modern and smart city solution.

Few Smart City Companies (Commutifi, Intelligent Structure  )

As technology advances, these digital technologies are contributing to managing urban waste, improve the water quality for residents, ease traffic congestion, ensure public safety and improve the delivery of public goods. These technologies are- Bluetooth, 5G, AI, Big data, and ML platforms.

These innovations when integrated with the IoT infrastructure elevate the human experience of a smart city solution. Therefore the designers or planners of smart cities must always plan strategies considering the profits in the long run and must avoid the temptation to reap short-term benefits in implementation.

Ultimately, there is a massive potential to innovate and make a profit from IoT adoption as it is the new frontier of development in how the cities must be built and run. Here only those will succeed who plan to maximize their features of IoT to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact while keeping the privacy game strong. 

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