Smart city equipped with AR, AI and VR technologies is the future

Smart city equipped with AR, AI and VR technologies is the future

By Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, February 14, 2019

Smart cities have smart technology as their pillars, and that is what the digital world is all about.  To have innovation meet imagination is when you turn it into a reality.  These technologies upgrade cities into many aspects like architecture plans, network systems, connecting AI to each corner of urban development and structural arrangement.

A strong network connection is needed to play the bridge between the aspects of development that runs the core of a smart city. Smart stores, wearables, IoT devices with sensors in almost everything interconnects the technologies of geospatial and AI. The most awaited network 5G can boost the servers that cover different systems and M2M (Machine-to-Machine). This is very important for a smart city to have communication with its subject’s error-free and automated.

Artificial Intelligence the core of smart cities

From small machines to significant power creating windmills has to be interconnected with intelligent software that enables useful applications. Transportation, agriculture, postal services, management of traffic signals, cafes and other essential parts of a smart city needs planning and execution swiftly. According to a report, more than 700 cities around the world placed their plans for smart city projects in their countries in front of Smart City Congress and Expo at Barcelona, Spain. With the growing population, it is estimated that by 2100 it will be 11.2 billion compared to 7.7 billion in 2019.

The answer to run smart cities is Robotics and AI with the automation process. Countries like Tokyo, Estonia, Russia, India, Nigeria, Dubai are in the race to build the smartest cities having 5G networks and the revolutionary Blockchain technology that has changed the fate of currency from paper to digital. It gives scope for AR and VR to be the faces of technology turning the science fiction movies a total reality. AR (Augmented reality and Virtual) are the concepts expected to play a crucial role as the fourth revolution in the digitalized world.

This automation application into the smart cities will change the outlook of industries that are developing and investing in the implementation of Blockchain technology presently.

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