Rising Trajectory of Cyberthreats: Means to Prevention

Rising Trajectory of Cyberthreats: Means to Prevention

By Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, February 25, 2019

Due to the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) in various sectors, there is a driving need for security as well. Cyberattacks are inevitable as they can damage businesses’ credibility. Automation of businesses requires consumer data protection because the computing devices are prone to data thefts. In IoT, computing devices and digital machines are interconnected; people and objects are given unique identifiers, and the devices can transmit data without human interaction.

The manufacturing line must secure data from both ends where the product is being built. In the present situation, an individual is connected to a minimum of three devices; it is expected to reach ten devices per person by 2025 according to IDC research. Increase in the number of devices will make the individual prone to all sorts of cyberattacks. When a business makes a digital transformation, they must anticipate risks and setup measure to sustain. Lack of inventory checks of IoT devices makes it difficult for companies to avoid breaches. To improve operations connectivity to the internet is required but increased level of connectivity will make it easier for the attackers to move parallel across the entire network system. Even an entry-level intern can pose as a weak link to the business

Strong data governance is required to check insider risks. Restriction of data access and maintenance of strict protocols are ways to avoid internal breaches. Cybersecurity policies must be regularly updated and communicated to the entire working community. There must be a sharing of threat intelligence across companies to have a mutual understanding and preparation for cyber-attacks. End to end encryption must be used to transfer data across IoT devices. Digital authentication of data will review all the connections made and allow only certified devices to connect to an IoT device. It is necessary for the companies to focus on their core competency so that it is ideal to strategize and work with the third party that will push to reach the goal.  Working together with other enterprises will help businesses alike to be prepared to address the threats.

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