RFID and Efficient Asset Counting

RFID and Efficient Asset Counting

By Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, February 18, 2019

Automatic vehicle recognition has become an important field of study today. Vehicle recognition system plays a vital role in ensuring a safe and intelligent transport system, and in traffic management. The vision-based recognition system is mostly used to recognize the vehicle automatically. But, the wide range of color, size, shape, and orientation of a vehicle has made this technique quiet complex. To build an effective and complete vehicle recognition system is a difficult task to perform. A vision-based vehicle recognition system has to be robust to differentiate among vehicle colors and models. The primary use of vehicle recognition systems is to prevent fraud, related to a false vehicle license plate. This system is expected to match the license plate of a vehicle with its color, manufacturer, and model.

Quest Solution is aimed at field service and supply chain mobility solutions across the United States, offering end-to-end solutions through a consultative approach. Its solutions comprise hardware, software, communications, and full lifecycle management services; the company also manufactures and distributes barcode labels, tags, and ribbons, as well as RFID labels and tags. They believe in simplifying the integration process for their customers.

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Quest’s transportation and logistics solutions track supply chain from the time the product goes out of the manufacturing center to the time it reaches the destination. The RFID system, vehicle mount computers, barcode scanners, and LANs allows real-time visibility and information. Quest ensures direct connectivity with the Warehouse Management System and beyond. Its cross docking solutions merge workers' terminals and companies' freight management systems, and this solution cuts down errors while providing real-time information.

Quest provides radio frequency identification (RFID) system which uses radio tags to identify goods. The RFID readers are able to read multiple items at a time and can make the process of inventory or asset counting more efficient. The installation of RFID systems demands a software system for filtering and managing available data. Quest Solution's RFID Tray Tracking solution ensures the tracking of the route to reduce asset loss.

Quest Solution has announced the upgradation of its AI-based Visual Cortex algorithm by adding car color recognition feature to the previous license plate recognition solution. Quest's subsidiary HTS Image Processing provides Vehicle Recognition Solutions (VRS) to read and detect license plates and vehicle speed accurately. After this breakthrough, it will be able to identify the car color. These features are essential to provide solutions for parking, access control, law enforcement, and security. Quest has recently taken over a project for traffic management and parking automation and has been selected to control Safe City Projects in Florida. This new trait to recognize car color through machine vision will be enormously helpful for law enforcement and security.

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