Impact of Advanced Analytics in The Supply Chain

Impact of Advanced Analytics in The Supply Chain

Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Supply chain industry is an ever-changing landscape. The current transformation phase that the industry is experiencing is because of advanced analytics. Data-driven technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and big data are the backbones of advanced analytics which leverages professionals to gain better insight from the data accumulated. Insights from the data are of great help in improvising the operational efficiency of the sector and mitigate the risks associated. These technologies have already started the upheaval of traditional analytical tools to find ground for themselves and have intrigued many with their advantages.

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Inventory Management

Insights from data analytics are helpful in inventory management. They give precise information about products demand and supply at any particular point in time. Even the data for a particular cohort can be obtained to understand their needs for catering to them specifically. Advanced analytics enables retailers to manufacturers to comprehend the market requirement and maintain an unhindered supply of goods. Retailers can utilize new data sources to enhance their planning processes and their demand sensing capabilities. Also, product range can be improved according to needs.

Predictive Insights

Embracing machine learning (ML) and AI in the operations is enabling the sector to predict the forth-coming and gear up for the same. From inventory demands to risks, everything can now be predicted to through these technologies. ML allows machines to learn from their experiences (data) and respond accordingly in the future. But not just the existing, ML combined with location intelligence technology is helping organizations to capture and manage a vast amount of data for analytics to build robust predictions. These predictions give the most accurate insights into cost and revenue performance from a store that is yet to be opened. Investments are becoming smarter and risks are being mitigated with the advent of ML and AI.

Future: Real Time Assistance

AI and ML tools backed by the insights from big data will be the phase of the future supply chain industry. Such tools will be capable of assisting humans in all kinds of operations. From refraining drivers to take missteps to automatic order placement of inventory would be areas operations for data-driven technologies. The data-driven process will allow organizations to cut down over expenditures and mitigate risks of all kinds. 

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