Innovative Tech to Minimize Construction-related Accidents

Innovative Tech to Minimize Construction-related Accidents

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, December 21, 2018

The construction world has undergone a massive transformation due to the emergence of technologies like AI and IoT, as they reduce manual work and help in completing tasks faster within the deadline. For example, when a person wishes to know the exact status of a project, he can ask an AI system regarding the project details. It can also inform the person about the work efficiency of the employees and their attendance report.

Though the construction world is transforming positively, work-related accidents have been increasing day to day. Researches conducted recently say that around seven to eight people die each day due to work-related accidents.

Skanska, a multinational construction and development company has taken a step toward stopping the accidents occurring in construction areas.  According to Construction Global, Skanska is the world’s fifth largest construction company. Skanska also strives to be a role model in the Swedish business by having zero vision for injuries and ill health. On collaborating with H&D Wireless, the Skanska is quite confident to eliminate work-related accidents in the future.

H&D Wireless provides companies with IoT and real-time positioning cloud platforms. The primary goal of the company is to digitize and visualize physical processes of the company through IoT services. IoT helps the construction companies with reduced operating cost, building maintenance, and spatial management.

By applying IoT in the construction industry, workers get real-time warnings, which was otherwise impossible in the industry. Timo Rajasaari, Skanska’s Health & Safety Project Manager, says, “H&D Wireless is very solution-oriented, and the goal is that the results of the project will benefit the entire construction industry.” Building and construction is the profession that includes more than 100,000 companies in Sweden alone.

Due to common work accidents like an improper machine or tool handling, body movement with physical overload and fall from heights, Skanska, H&D Wireless, and Microsoft have collaboratively found out a solution to minimize such these work-related accidents. The collaboration of the three organizations thrives on increasing security over the construction industry with the assistance of IoT. 

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