Three Tenets of Industrial IoT

Three Tenets of Industrial IoT

Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, February 15, 2019

The infrastructure around the world is becoming more interconnected each day. One can give credits to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for this seamless communication. Although IIoT is a new concept in the industrial realm and its potentials are high but so are the risks associated with it. Read on to find out the three essentials one needs to know about the IIoT and how it is beneficial for industries.

•    Differentiating IIoT from IoT

Where IoT focuses on consumer devices like smartphones and smart appliances, IIoT concentrates on connecting machines and devices in the sectors. However, high-risk factors are associated with the deployment of IIoT as system failures and downtime in IIoT can result in life-threatening situations.

•    IIoT has potentials

IIoT is here to automate projects, optimize digital transformation goals and enable more productivity, efficiency, better communication and ultimately, solutions. Concerning environmental sustainability, IIoT is initiating an increase of applications for smart cities, smart farming, and smart factories. One can expect to witness more energy consumption optimization as energy companies use smart metering and smart grids. Moreover, remote health monitoring and equipment maintenance will enhance healthcare. Goods and transportation monitoring and connected logistics for freight transportations are made possible with the help of IIoT.

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•    IIoT deployment- Benefits and Challenges

New technologies are poised to come up with a set of benefits and challenges, and IIoT is no exception to this. For IIoT deployment, industries must invest in high up-front costs for new hardware and software and ensure smooth data integration with their legacy technology. Companies must recruit individuals that have expertise in machine learning and data science. As mentioned above, technologies have challenges that industries need to overcome, therefore similar to IoT, IIoT introduces numerous security vulnerabilities, which enterprises must prepare for ahead of implementation.

Overcoming the challenges IIoT brings along, it can be a game-changing experience for any business as it can improve the productivity and growth of the companies. Moreover, most of the IIoT implementation challenges can be resolved through monetary aspect and a commitment towards building industry infrastructure and services that are aimed at comprehensive implementation.

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