Importance of Including Narrative Warfare Readiness in Force...

Importance of Including Narrative Warfare Readiness in Force Protection

Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, April 26, 2021

Force protection is the preventive measure taken to reduce hostile actions against Department of Defense personnel, resources, facilities, and critical data.

FREMONT, CA: The cringe comes from the assumption that to discuss influence is to practice influence. The clear prohibition against practicing psyops in the homeland has left the military unable to guard citizens and soldiers against weaponized narratives. At the same time, the adversaries are unrestrained by any such prohibition. They freely engage in cognitive manipulation of their civilians and military. Firms need to orchestrate some sort of system for civil/military exchange for defense against, and offense against, weaponized narratives on the homeland.

Top 10 Homeland Security Companies - 2019The very fact that people are socialized means that they have been impacted before being conscious of being influenced. There is no such thing as an influence-free zone anywhere on earth where there is human habitation. But most people are not conscious of the details of social conditioning. That fact limits the choices. The fewer people understand how their core assumptions are the outcome of foundational cultural narratives, the more stuck people are in those narratives. The outcome of foundational cultural narratives is Narrative Identity.

People can simply submit and leave the process of identity construction to the cultural environment they were born into, or they can take some measure of control and make some determinations for themselves. If people are to do the latter, the stories they tell are extremely important because they are co-creating the selves they are telling in the process of telling. The weaponized narrative is the threat, and developing resiliency in the targeted audience is a primary defense component of a full narrative strategy.

Firms need to get out from under the fallacies of present thinking and re-hone the previous proficiencies at large and small influence campaigns. Cutting-edge thinking regarding influence in national security helps understand narrative as squarely at the center of any such initiative. As it pertains to the present threat from adversaries influencing the U.S. and our allies, step one develops resiliency in the military and U.S. audiences.

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