Military-Grade and Ultra-Secure Multi-Path Networking Successfully...

Military-Grade and Ultra-Secure Multi-Path Networking Successfully Demonstrated

By Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, July 29, 2019

The tactical demonstration of intelligence and technology encouraged the provider for ultra-secure networking to demonstrate a multi-path software-defined networking overlay solution.

FREMONT, CA: The Special Operations Force (SOF) Joint Innovation Battle Lab (JIBL) invited Dispersive Networks, a solution provider for ultra-secure networking to demonstrate the company’s latest offerings. The Dispersive Virtual Network (DVN) multi-path solution was tested and shown as a TIER 1 resource for the entire event.

The event establishes a collaborative work environment for the SOF, Department of Defense (DOD), Federal Law Enforcement organization (FLE), and the Intelligence Community (IC). The contributors accept instant feedback on functionality and are provided with the opportunity to integrate technology from other participants to build a more-beneficial solution.

By availing inspiration from battlefield-proven wireless techniques, DVN is a multi-path software-defined networking overlay solution. It transports in packets via multiple streams to deliver optimized levels of security, reliability, and performance. With the splitting and encrypting of individual flows, the network becomes resistant to man-in-the-middle attacks as interceptors will be unable to see the shared data. During the JIBL, the solution was tested on numerous strategic scenarios. It supported and facilitated communications successfully across various dissimilar networks and enhanced mission capabilities on multiple platforms.

The SOF JIBL is hosted yearly in Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story, VA. For two weeks where hundreds of experiments are performed on set-ups designed to be implemented over integrated maritime, air, ground, and individual tactical avenues and technologies.

“We are honored to support the US Federal Government in its efforts to secure critical communications.  The opportunity to prove our technology in exercises like the Joint Innovation Battle Lab (JIBL) and the field is an inspiration to our employees and stakeholders throughout the world.  As we turn the corner on 2019, we are preparing for several large defense and civilian programs in progress and are excited by the confidence so many have placed in Dispersive as the leader in secure virtual networking,” says Chris Swan, Dispersive Chief Revenue Officer of Dispersive.

Dispersive Networks develop programmable networking for mission-specific solutions. Its fundamentally diverse approach to networking results in optimization of levels of security, dependability, and performance. It facilitates partners to connect digital businesses securely—technologies from end-to-end link across any network infrastructure, including the public internet. The company has proven technology that secures and accelerates the connected world.

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