How to Overcome the Challenges Faced by Smart City Projects

How to Overcome the Challenges Faced by Smart City Projects

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Smart CityThe concept of exploring smart city has become fast and tedious with technological advancements such as big data analytics, Internet of Things(IoT) and the proliferation of cloud computing.

However, utilization of this progressive concept is yet to improve in various municipal services which are often fraught by several barriers. The potential obstacle to the development of smart city projects is multi-agency initiatives which have created immature governance due to the scarcity in sharing common data frameworks.

Let's have a look at some of the common challenges faced by Smart City solutions and how to overcome these barriers to lead success.

Complex digital transformation projects

Most of the enterprises considering the smart city projects as complex digital transformation projects due to the requirement of complex and costly infrastructure which have to maintain the sophisticated sensors to collect and analyze data even in rush hours.

However, funding for new infrastructure projects is limited and can take several years to get approval. Employing the data connected technologies in businesses and civic organizations help to identify the common problems and can create innovative projects to solve the most pressing challenges.

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Security threats

Recent cyber threats made everyone a bit more concerned and skeptical about smart city technology and its safety in protecting smart power grids. Most of the tech companies are investing more money and resources to protect smart cities from hacking and cyber-crimes.

As blockchain technology has become one of the latest buzz topics which have been creating new security trends in the market,  many smart cities are looking for the ways to implement these encryption techniques to enhance the levels of security.

Change in management is the crucial requirement across all levels of government including stakeholders to put smart cities into practice and to ripe its benefits. Whenever technology, city governance, and people come together to enhance the quality of life, then only a city truly becomes “smart.”

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