Bringing Digital Transformation to Local Government

Bringing Digital Transformation to Local Government

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Bringing Digital Transformation to Local GovernmentFREMONT, CA: Local governments could face a miserable future, which becomes all too real in the face of forecasts that by 2020, their core funding will be deducted from the central authority. The local governments are in a distressing situation as they try to make significant savings and raise revenue to steady their deficit. This will affect how local authorities function, altering the facade of local government forever. Local administrations can make considerable savings by re-engineering the processes and implementing a digital transformation strategy. The public sector and its employees can become more efficient, agile, and productive while achieving considerable savings at the same time.

Deconstructing Digital Transformation:

Digital transformation has been often feared as a colossal task. Nevertheless, by functioning with a partner who is a veteran in the public sector, local governments can work to deconstruct digital transformation into conveniently-sized projects. By setting objectives, strategies, and technology road maps, administrations can achieve short and long term outcomes.

Managed Services:

By collaborating with a partner with the necessary agile cloud services, councils will be capable of re-imagining a more innovative and responsive future. Digitization and automation of services and outsourcing of contracts can become key features in the partnership to concentrate on more innovatory projects that impel business productivity. With these, governments can also get the advantage of having the acquirements of the latest technologies without having to spend on hardware.

Sharing Services:

Some administrations are integrating some of their services to save expenses, and their technological infrastructures are an illustration of this. Commissions are sharing their cloud services for their voice networks and contact centers to use the profits of the technology.

Transforming the Present:

Administrations need to think and function more commercially to pick up the pace of profit and save costs. By implementing re-engineering processes, and connecting IoT devices, AI-driven digital transformations can alter the pace of the government procedures. 

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