Advantages of Using Drones in Law Enforcement

Advantages of Using Drones in Law Enforcement

Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, June 11, 2021

Drones are becoming increasingly more ingrained with public safety authorities and are proving to be invaluable by increasing mission success rates.

FREMONT, CA: The drones used by the public safety authorities are supported with advanced technologies such as infrared imaging, optical zoom, and other innovative characteristics. All of them are intended to aid in gathering intelligence, surveying potentially dangerous situations, and resolving crimes more quickly. As a result, law enforcement agents may now protect and serve communities unprecedentedly due to evolving technologies.

Drones may be utilized in various ways to help police with surveillance and crime prevention, due to which police departments are increasingly incorporating drones into their daily operations.

The UAVs equipped with thermal cameras and optical zoom capabilities are the best drones for police and surveillance. Public safety officials have seen firsthand how implementing UAVs can assist in many ways. For instance, a drone can zoom in on a target from a great distance, keeping police officers away from harmful situations.

Reasons Law Enforcement Benefit from Drone Integration

There are many ways that police agencies might benefit from drone use if they receive sufficient drone training. Here are only a few examples:

Accident Reconstruction

Investigators replicate an accident to figure out what caused it, who was at fault, and other information. This usually needs images of the scene, the recording of details, and the gathering of evidence.

Investigators only have a limited amount of time to acquire all the data and examine it in an office. The concern is that critical details can be overlooked over that little investigation period. Drones enable investigators to collect video and images of the site, which they may then run through software to create a 3D reconstruction of the incident.

Traffic Management

Large cities, in particular, struggle with congested roads. High traffic creates a threat to the community's safety by raising the chance of accidents, limiting people's ability to flee, and causing other challenges.

Police departments can employ drones to examine traffic issues from the air and utilize that information to shift traffic from congested locations to other sections of the city.

Investigate Active Shooters

The capability to investigate active shooters invisibly is perhaps one of the most significant benefits of drone deployment by law enforcement. Law enforcement officers can keep an eye on criminals and active shooters from a distance. This enables them to gather crucial information and build a strategic solution to the situation.

Drone monitoring provides additional insight and real-time intelligence, allowing dangerous situations to be promptly controlled without placing law enforcement or anybody else in unnecessary danger. 

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