How E-Governance Help Governments Across the Globe

How E-Governance Help Governments Across the Globe

Catalina Joseph, Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, April 02, 2021

E-Governance and the digital transformation have a massive ability to disrupt the way governments work and offer their services to their citizens.

FREMONT, CA: E-governance and digital transformation help governments worldwide build an effective citizen-centric delivery model. This can help governments make their services seamlessly accessible to the citizens while driving citizen convenience and satisfaction. The world is getting digitized. Digital technologies are changing the way people live and work. As per the report, government digitalization could create more than $1 trillion annually. Governments worldwide are deploying e-governance and digital transformation efforts for various reasons, of which citizen help and convenience are the primary ones. Digital transformation and e-governance can assist governments in offering services on a big scale and tight budgets. Digital services can empower citizens and encourage their engagement with the government. Read on to know more.

Any government offers thousands of services like voter registration, transferring vehicle registrations, business registrations, many more to its citizens. Digital tools and technologies can be used to make these services seamless and faster to avail. And governments have digitized their vital services and are reaping the advantages of faster delivery, cost efficiency, and citizen satisfaction. As new technologies emerge, these services can be further enhanced. Government operations are generally complex, time-consuming, and involve various stakeholders. Digitizing the internal operations of any government provides the ability for efficiency gains.

Governments can unload a lot of their weight by digitizing their operations and making themselves leaner and agile. Citizens hope their government to work faster, although complex, multi-layered operations are a huge impediment to rapid response. One of the significant benefits of e-governance and digital transformation for governments is that every activity through digital devices can be monitored. The data generated can be further leveraged. Today, AI and Machine Learning (ML) technologies can process massive data in real-time and provide actionable intelligence and insights. Governments can develop data leveraging these data technologies to make forecasting and then making decisions driven by data. Taking data-driven decisions shortens the decision-making cycle and enhances the success rate.


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