3 Ways Public Safety Agencies are Using Data Analytics

3 Ways Public Safety Agencies are Using Data Analytics

Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Data analytics can accomplish several goals for public safety agencies that were difficult to achieve previously.

FREMONT, CA: As the internet of things evolves, both the size and potential of data will continue to grow. For businesses and governments alike, analyzing data can offer actionable insights that change their products and services. When these tools are applied to public safety and law enforcement agencies, they can maximize the efficiency of their operations to ensure a safer population.  No doubt in the fact that data is one of the most exciting and potentially useful technology in the modern era of public safety. And here are a couple of reasons why it is intriguing.

• Social Media Monitoring

There are drastic changes in the way people communicate in society, but the intelligence community uses some form of communication analysis to determine who is in a network of criminals. Back before the technology existed to do so more efficiently, intelligence operations often required several people to record the communication and movements of suspicious individuals. The digital age enables for much easier tracking of data that can be gathered into big data sets. From social media posts to emails and beyond, a criminal network can be recorded through data analysis tools, which is a seismic shift from the way things used to be.

Top 10 Public Safety Solution Companies - 2019• Drawing Connection Between Crimes

Previously, when different cases that seemed to have no relation to one another could only be connected through the deduction skills of police working long hours. But today, software that includes speech analytics programs, case management, and analysis technology can bring entire disparate departments together. That enables those studying the data to make connections between different crimes and the individuals involved in them. With access to this wealth of data, public safety and law enforcement agencies can test hypotheses and verify things more quickly than ever.

• Generating Crime Prediction Models

The most exciting aspect of the data is the way it allows public safety and law enforcement agencies to combine several sources of data to create a single model that helps them predict potential criminal behavior. With the massive data, public safety workers might now be able to predict a spike in crime and the areas in which it could happen. An agency acting proactively could divert their resources towards making sure that that spike does not occur.

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