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Dieter Bukolt, Director Of Field Operations, Scott Bukolt, President and John Jensen, Director Of Technical Services, SGTSDieter Bukolt, Director Of Field Operations, Scott Bukolt, President and John Jensen, Director Of Technical Services In today’s technology-driven world, correctional facilities are expected to run efficiently while providing a highly secure and sustainable environment. That said, it is imperative for building infrastructures such as jails, public safety buildings and courthouses to be equipped with state-of-the-art solutions that protect the inmates, staff, and the public, while allowing necessary movement throughout the facility 24/7/365. From sophisticated surveillance to complete facility control software, physical security solutions are continuing to evolve rapidly in response to increasingly advanced and dynamic security threats. Often constraints such as limited funding and rising operating costs impede adoption. Staff and Leadership of these facilities are extremely busy and need effective solutions that allow them to focus on their daily tasks trusting the security, control, and monitoring systems will keep them safe without failure. For this to happen, a cohesive and comprehensive strategy, supported by a seamlessly integrated and well-designed system, is key to enabling smart and secure building function. These systems are diverse and complex, from detention grade electromechanical cell door locks to the sophisticated electronics and software that monitor and control them as well as every other camera, intercom, card reader and related device. Traditional IT solutions and service providers rarely cover the broad and unique needs of these facilities. When something fails, it is often a difficult and complex process to identify the source of the problem, and from that, the best service provider to solve it.

“We offer a one-call, on-demand service for all security, surveillance, and access control technology in correctional and government facilities, enabling staff to safely and efficiently acquire and maintain every dimension of theirphysical security systems,” says President of SGTS, Scott Bukolt. A front-runner in the industry, SGTS offers the design, installation, and service of fully-integrated security technology and access control systems for government, education, healthcare, and commercial entities. The company specializes in the complete end to end engineering, design, installation and maintenance of correctional and detention security electronics and monitoring systems. SGTS provides 24/7 emergency service, as well as customized preventive maintenance, monitoring (predictive maintenance), post-sale service plans, including certified repair for any brand of security and access control systems.

End-to-End Systems for all Security and Access Control Needs

“Each system we develop and build is highly customized to specifically match the physical layout and individual needs of a facility,” explains John Jensen, Director of Technical Services. SGTS provides non-proprietary systems that enable users to obtain fully integrated access control, surveillance, and intrusion detection functions, ensuring the staff’s safety while upholding government compliance standards for jails, courthouses, pharmaceutical companies, food product manufacturers and other commercial and manufacturing entities that have to comply with Federal, State and Local requirements. The company’s Touchscreen Command and Control Center Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) platform monitor and communicate with multiple systems and sites efficiently, reliably, and safely from a single secure location. Users can view any camera, control and monitor every door in any quadrant whether in a single facility or entire campus, via a digital map of the facility displayed on a touch screen workstation. These systems allow users to automate day-to-day functions, such as controlling lights, plumbing and other devices and quickly carrying out lock-downs or evacuations in the event of an emergency, along predetermined and programmed routes.

We are helping to redesign the traffic flow into the building by promoting efficiency and maintaining the highest level of security

Upon engaging with clients and identifying security risks, engineers and field-technicians with extensive industry experience spend a significant amount of time on-site in the early stages of designing and developing unique security and access control solutions that integrate disparate systems. “We are well-equipped to offer a comprehensive design and engineering service that can build a system for any sized correctional facility from the ground-up with preventative maintenance plans for the diverse electromechanical and technical equipment inside these buildings,” explains Bukolt. With over two decades of experience in the corrections and government marketplace, SGTS’s team of professional consultants and engineers will tour a client’s facility to assess risks and opportunities, and then craft a cost-effective, budget conscious, security and access control solution for maximum performance and reliability. The company excels in troubleshooting, repair, and integration of leading-edge technology with legacy system components.

SGTS provides an in-depth service program that includes cleaning, inspection and repair of detention-grade electromechanical locks, door sensors and controls, and the head-end computers, PLCs, Surge suppression, and UPS devices, and software, as well as field devices including CCTV cameras, intercom stations, electric strikes, request to exit devices and readers. With every system the company installs, clients are provided with a full year of on-site parts and labor warranty in addition to unlimited free phone and internet-based support for the system. Moreover, SGTS offers an emergency customer support service 24/7, all-year-round for its clients via phone, and can dispatch a field-technician to their facility quickly to mitigate costly and high risk disruptions.

Patented Portable Camera Solution and Anti-Tail Gating Technology

“Although a facility may have several hundred fixed cameras in high traffic and high risk areas, there often isn’t one that can adequately capture the entire process during a typical cell entry for extraction purposes,” states Bukolt. These are high risk interactions between detention staff and inmates. As documentation is critical in these situations, the new patented Portable Camera developed by SGTS records video and streams it directly into the facility’s existing surveillance system recording while providing live viewing in control rooms and key officers’ stations via Wi-Fi in real-time. “Our Portable Camera enables users to document any hostile situation in a highly versatile and cost-effective manner, across areas that are inaccessible for a typically hard mounted camera. The unit is simply deployed with a push of a button,” adds Dieter Bukolt, Director of Operations and the lead developer of the Camera. The company’s Portable Camera is designed to point and shoot video-graphic evidence on-the-go, saving additional resources such as installation labor, power consumption, excess cabling, storage space, and server licensing. It is unique in that there is no need to offload video manually to legacy systems. Video streams seamlessly into the facility’s existing surveillance recording architecture and utilizes recording, viewing and retrieval procedures that are secure, routinely used and well known to the operators.

No added training is needed, and video recordings are automatically secured for evidentiary use if needed.

Another critical feature SGTS uses to secure facilities in conjunction with an access control system, and cameras includes Anti-Tailgating solutions that can detect a person following a cardholder through a controlled entrance, and counts the number of people entering the secure area to generate an event log in real-time. By comparing the number of valid card reads, swipes are assessed alongside the real-time records of the sum of people entering a terminal/part of the building; the difference in these counts indicates a tailgating event, generating an alarm to alert staff. “We are helping redesign and secure the traffic flow into the building by not only increasing efficiency but also maintaining the highest level of security,” says John Jensen, Director of Technical Services.
Shaping the Future of Security and Access Control Space

SGTS was established in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1995 with a vision to design, create, install, service, and maintain custom integrated security, surveillance, intercommunications, and access control solutions for correctional facilities and government buildings. Today, the company is setting new standards in the market by consistently exceeding customer expectations and forging strong business partnerships with leading companies worldwide. SGTS has worked closely with government clients through the years and formed an in-depth understanding of their internal operations enabling a higher value service than its competitors with dependable solutions and minimal downtime. To further illustrate the proficiency of SGTS’ solutions, Bukolt, cites a case-study where a courthouse in Wisconsin needed to upgrade its legacy systems for enhanced security. A vast but old building with great historical provenance, the courthouse had multiple, unsecured or monitored entrances and exits, and very few cameras providing gaps in surveillance. Following a thorough assessment by engineers and consultants from SGTS, the company’s technical teams installed state of the art systems including package scanners, electronically controlled gates, surveillance systems and cameras. A new security screening station with anti-tailgating and anti-passback measures was installed. The new system ensures that only authorized personnel can move freely, while providing an audit trail of the individuals entering and exiting the building. The historic courthouse now meets today’s standards of safe operational efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

In an era of growing security concerns, private and public entities are feeling the pressure to elevate the importance of safety and security while balancing the demand for convenient and efficient access. With rapid technological advancements in security systems enhancing access control, the adoption of anti-tailgating and anti-bypass measures is gaining traction. As a leader in the space, SGTS strives to stay ahead of the curve by helping potential customers understand next-gen security and access control solutions. In the near future, the company plans to roll-out solutions that will monitor and manage life cycles for software and hardware equipment to pre-emptively resolve problems before-hand and ensure a hundred percent uptime while mitigating risks associated with inoperative electronic security systems in large government facilities. “Our mission is to continue developing state-of-the-art security and access control technology solutions to enhance the safety, monitoring, and protection of these public government buildings on a larger scale geographically,” concludes Bukolt.

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    March 02, 2021
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Madison, Wisconsin

Dieter Bukolt, Director Of Field Operations, Scott Bukolt, President and John Jensen, Director Of Technical Services

SGTS provides the design, installation, and service of integrated security technology and access control systems for government, education, healthcare, and commercial entities. The company designs custom, stand-alone, and fully-integrated systems to meet specific security and access control requirements of clients. SGTS specializes in providing preventive maintenance, monitoring, post-sale service, and repair for any brand of commercial or industrial security and access control systems. In the near future, the company plans to roll-out solutions that will monitor and manage life cycles for software and hardware equipment to pre-emptively resolve problems before-hand to ensure hundred percent uptime and lower the risk of downtime