Will DDS be Able to Find Right Technology For Complex Recruiting...

Will DDS be Able to Find Right Technology For Complex Recruiting Process?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, December 12, 2019

Defense Digital Service of the United States is looking for an appropriate technology solution for an unbiased and automated hiring process.

FREMONT, CA: The Defense Digital Service (DDS) is searching for a technology solution in order to boost the recruitment and hiring of its SWAT team.

The main aim of DDS is to acquire a commercial-off-the-shelf, cloud-hosted software, which can be embraced for improving and automating the hiring processes of the agency. It wants to develop a candidate experience that reflects the technical, dynamic, and innovative ambiance in which they operate. Moreover, the agency wants to create a unified experience for candidates no matter where they are.

DDS is eyeing systems that operate within the regulatory and legal constraints for federal hiring. Specifically, officials anticipate identifying tools that can help them in decreasing the manual work staff and help them embark on hiring like changing applicant statuses, scheduling, tracking communications, and coordinating calendars. The ultimate hope is to automate a few actions of its human resource team so that they get more time to focus and enhance customer’s experience.

Outside of HR, the subject matter experts inside of the agency also review every vital resume receive by DDS. In that light, there is a need for a new tech solution to keep the staff updated when there is a requirement of reviewing the resumes and conduct interviews. Moreover, it has also been observed by the agency that since the bar for entry is high, many applicants are not able to reach a final round or secure a position at DDS, though they will likely continue to work on defense missions regardless of not been selected.

DDS brings on digital experts for serving limited tours within the department of defense for implementing solutions focused on technology. Some projects lead by DDS include revolutionizing digital services for military personnel, running bug bounties, developing new capabilities to counter drones, and bolstering cybersecurity training and other evolving tech.  

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