Why Transformation to Digital Government is Essential

Why Transformation to Digital Government is Essential

By Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The digital government's transformation will help them leverage the power of data and improve productivity. 

FREMONT, CA: Transition to Digital Government provides value by concentrating on data and analytics, analyzing market performance, and reducing existing IT skills gaps.  

The government's digital maturity remains a problem. Government CIOs recognize the importance of digital government transition and acknowledge that to succeed, their agencies must be agile and creative but fail to be receptive in creating and completing digital initiatives successfully. To allow them to leverage the power of data and drive productivity, agencies need a change in a digital agent.

Data is at the core of the transformation of the digital government. Careful preparation and a focus on performance are needed for the transition to digital government. Government CIOs must lead the digital journey to be successful, addressing strategic and tactical difficulties with a relentless focus on utilizing and sharing data to make government services more proactive and efficient in their operations.

In order to help leaders and their teams enhance organizational efficiency and drive digital government transformation, Gartner offers leadership support across the federal, state, and local government sectors. The data-driven expertise allows leaders to manage talent, make critical business decisions, shift costs, and reduce risk to department and agency tasks.

The possibility for government CIOs to help lead their organizations through this period of uncertainty and to become a digitally oriented government in the process has never been greater.

When business models are inflexible and not easily disrupted, digital transformation in government is nearly impossible. By managing transformation hype, CIOs can boost their efficiency and influence while continuously delivering solutions that optimize government services.

Data shows that governments have low to moderate maturity, restrictive service delivery models, and inefficient metrics for delivering public services in the digital age. The government CIOs can utilize various research to have a significant impact on their organizations' digital transformation.

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