Why Take Public Safety into the Cloud?

Why Take Public Safety into the Cloud?

Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, August 10, 2020

Because of the growth of generated data, public safety agencies have found themselves needing to consider the potentials of the cloud to efficiently manage data in a cost-effective way.

FREMONT, CA: Technological advances have provided law governments with the tools needed to increase efficiency and more effectively serve the public. Government agencies are now armed to manage dispatch, records, corrections, and other key public safety functions with innovative technology and software, storing massive amounts of data either in their own facilities using on-premise servers or in the cloud. The benefit of utilizing a cloud solution to meet public safety needs is that they are often more cost-effective for agencies. Here is how the cloud might help public safety agencies function better.

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The fastest-growing type of data in public safety is digital. A greater number of digital devices are available to users, capturing information at a higher quality, creating ever-larger files, with longer retention periods. Like, digital cameras used for public safety create files that are larger. Cloud solutions can provide scalable, on-demand, and possibly infinite storage, beyond the abilities and budgets of most public safety agencies.

• Analysis and Collaboration

The cloud solution can improve collaboration by allowing the sharing of work, assets, and the sharing of results across multiple platforms. Internally, for public safety, cloud collaboration can mean sharing among agencies, levels of government, departments, and citizens, who may contribute or request information. Cloud solutions can also provide improved and on-demand analytic capabilities for agencies. These may comprise crime mapping, coordination of emergency operations, statistical assessment, auditing, and resource deployment.

• Cost-Effectiveness

The growth of digital evidence is leading public safety agencies of all sizes to use the cloud in some way. Using the cloud can change agency cost models from a capital expense to operation annuals. While the cloud might not always result in upfront savings, it can result in more cumulative cost-efficiency over time for public safety agencies.

In conclusion, cloud technology is clearly a force to be reckoned within the area of public safety.

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