Why Should Local Governments Invest Beyond Insurance to Thwart...

Why Should Local Governments Invest Beyond Insurance to Thwart Cyberattacks?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The rise in ransomware attacks on their digital infrastructures has spurred local governments to turn toward cyber insurance.

FREMONT, CA: The cybercriminals have turned their gaze toward the digital assets of local governments. The increasing frequency of ransomware attacks has spurred them to adopt cyber insurance to mitigate the damage. However, the implementation of basic policies cannot counter the danger posed by cybercriminals. The insurance serves as a ransom rather than a robust countermeasure for cyberattacks, and hence result in encouraging the hackers rather than stopping them.

The recent attacks have revealed the deficiencies in the digital infrastructure of local governments. Several cities have incorporated robust measures to tackle the challenges of security, modernization, and innovation. However, there are many local government organizations without a powerful cybersecurity solution in place. Lack of resources also hinders them from adopting advanced security technology.

Local governments must impart their staff with sufficient knowledge regarding the technology platforms. The existing talent should be trained and retained to maintain the consistency and integrity of the cybersecurity programs. The local governments often neglect to update their technology, which might contribute to the weakening of the cybersecurity. To protect the infrastructure, it is crucial to upgrade technology.

When incorporating the new technologies, the local governments should have robust technical resources in place to assimilate their capabilities seamlessly. The integration of cybersecurity solutions also depends on the size and scope of local governments. The smaller organizations do not possess the resources to meet the advanced cybersecurity challenges.

The local governments should develop a disaster recovery plan addressing data security, data backup, data recovery, and robust communication to the citizens. Along with cyberattack prevention measures, organizations should also understand the importance of dealing with cyberattacks. When combating the threat, it is imperative to consider all the departments and agencies. The most important should be prioritized, including recognizing the most effective solutions to thwart the attacks.

The IT operations can be outsourced to contract organizations. Cybersecurity is a complex field requiring robust planning and maintenance. By promoting understanding and funding for cybersecurity issues, the challenges can be addressed effectively. Even for smaller organizations, it is imperative to increase the focus on cybersecurity and keep their technology up to date.

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