Why is the Usage of AI Increasing Among Governments

Why is the Usage of AI Increasing Among Governments

Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Governments worldwide consider artificial intelligence a critical defining technology that can bring socio-economic growth development.

FREMONT, CA:Artificial intelligence (AI) has opened numerous new possibilities for various industries. Today, countries ranging from developed to emerging to underdeveloped are all competing to become AI-driven nations. Governments all over the world regard AI as a central defining technology capable of fostering socio-economic development. As a result, leaders and policymakers in numerous countries are attempting to drive AI towards a strategic and regulatory advanced ecosystem.

The revenue collection department is responsible for a large volume of data and information about taxpayers. This information helps detect risks, estimating taxes, monitoring tax collections, and verifying tax returns. Artificial intelligence algorithms are now being used by tax authorities to determine who is incapable of paying their taxes and how people will respond to tax interventions and new regulations. These assist authorities in taking actions that increase revenue collection and reduce tax evasion.

The tax collection department isn't the only place where artificial intelligence can be used for documentation. It can also be used in other fields where officials and staff are having difficulty tracking and recording information processes. Artificial intelligence software can assist government agencies and financial facilities in detecting and preventing money laundering and corruption.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, artificial intelligence has proven to be a valuable tool in monitoring and tracing incidents. Countries implemented computer vision using AI-powered drones and robots to detect population movement and social gatherings and recognize individuals with a fever or not wearing masks. Agricultural drones were often used as disinfectant sprays to sterilize the sites.

Chatbots can assist people in getting instant answers to crucial questions, which enhances service while lowering costs and backlog. A chatbot is also used on the army websites to answer questions, review credentials, and refer potential applicants to human recruiters. 

State and national governments must also be ready to respond quickly during a natural disaster, and here also AI can be extremely valuable. According to recent research, artificial intelligence tools may be used to analyze how patterns and trends, such as the duration or severity of droughts or floods, can change in the future and identify patterns to hazardous events.

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