Why Digital Transformation Must Focus More on Talent

Why Digital Transformation Must Focus More on Talent

Catalina Joseph, Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, March 08, 2022

The companies must prioritize talent while applying digital transformation in their organizations.

FREMONT, CA: Lately, the Economist has noted the consequences of the present COVID-19 pandemic. Services will become more data-oriented, and the organizations will focus more on digital transformation.  

Although people have a different belief, digital transformation represents more people and less about technology. it is possible to purchase any technology, but the ability to more digitalized future is dependent on the development of skills. Moreover, it is also reliant on reducing the gap between demand and talent supply. 

Put people first

Using technology means being more productive. But to apply the combination appropriately, it is necessary to pair the right human skills with technology. The outdated jobs are being discarded, and new posts are opening because the development of technology has led to automation. However, the original part of innovation is related to people as they can use them to enhance their workforce. Therefore organizations must invest in the people with a proper set of skills while investing in technology to make them useful. 

Top 10 Government Tech Startups - 2019Focus on soft skills

The critical feature to develop technological skills is to focus more on soft skills than on hard skills. Therefore, the companies can make their organizations data-oriented and digitalized by selectively investing in the technology that is flexible and adaptable. It will be better if the companies select the people who have high learning capabilities and can even understand the skills that are required. 

Drive change from the top: 

There are better chances of transformation if the company prioritizes driving from the top to down. However, in digital transformations, it is better not to expect massive changes in the organization unless they are beginning it by selecting and developing the skill of the top leaders. Therefore the vital factor that can help to employ digital transformation in the organization and determine its effectiveness is the head of the firm. 

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