What You Should Know About eGovernance?

What You Should Know About eGovernance?

Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, April 16, 2021

What You Should Know About eGovernance?E-governance improves and supports all tasks performed by the government department and agencies because it simplifies the task and increases work quality.

FREMONT, CA: E-governance, also known as electronic governance, incorporates Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into all processes to improve the government's ability to meet public needs. The primary motive of e-governance is to make processes easier for all, including government, residents, companies, and others, at the national, state, and local levels.

It refers to the use of electronic tools to promote good governance. It relates to the use of information technology in government processes and functions to achieve a simple, moral, accountable, and transparent government. It entails easy access to and delivery of government services, information dissemination, and timely and efficient communication.

The government intends to increase the coverage and quality of information and services offered to the general public using ICT in an easy, cost-effective, and efficient manner through e-governance. The method is highly complex and necessitates the correct configuration of hardware, software, networking, and, in some cases, complete re-engineering of all processes to improve service delivery.

Types of Interactions in E-Governance

G2G (Government to Government): 

G2G interaction is defined by the exchange of information and resources within the government's periphery. It may be horizontal, like between different government agencies, or vertical, that means between national, state, and local government entities and within the agency itself.

G2C (Government to Citizen): 

G2C interaction is the communication between the government and the general public. An interface between the government and people is established here, allowing citizens to access a broad range of public services. Citizens have the right to express their opinions and complaints about government policies at any time and from any place.

G2B (Government to Business): 

In this situation, e-governance makes it easier for the corporate sector to communicate with the government. Its goal is to reduce red tape, save time and money, and increase transparency in the business landscape when dealing with the government.

G2E (Government to Employees): 

Every country's government is its biggest employer, and it, like all employers, interacts with workers daily. ICT helps make interactions between the government and workers more productive and effective, along with increasing employee satisfaction by offering perks and extra benefits.

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