What You Should Know About E-Governance

What You Should Know About E-Governance

Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, March 29, 2021

What You Should Know About E-Governance Governments are incorporating IT as it will ensure that government administration becomes a more efficient and transparent process. 

FREMONT, CA: Governments worldwide are taking steps to incorporate IT into all governmental processes as a result of the rapid rise of the internet and digitization. It is how e-government works. This will ensure that government administration becomes a more efficient and transparent process, as envisaged by the governments. It also helps to save a lot of money.

E-Government uses communication and information technology to provide government services, such as information exchange, transactions, and the incorporation of formerly existing services and portals.

It streamlines the administrative process, making it more convenient, efficient, transparent, and accountable. E-Governance is a must in every country, both in the government and private department, as the economy is increasing.


Speed: Communication has become more efficient as a result of technological advancements. Smart phones and the internet have made it possible to send large amounts of data worldwide in real-time.

Saving Costs: A significant portion of government expenditure goes toward purchasing official stationery. Letters and other written records use a lot of paper. However, by replacing them with smart phones and the internet, billions of dollars in annual expenses can be saved.

Transparency: The use of e-governance helps in the transparency of company operations. All government information is accessible through the internet. Citizens have access to whatever information they want, whenever they want it, and at their convenience.

Accountability: Accountability and transparency are inextricably connected. Once the government's functions are available, people will hold them accountable for their actions.


Loss of Interpersonal Communication: The loss of interpersonal communication is the primary drawback of e-governance. Several people consider interpersonal communication to be an essential part of communication.

High Setup Cost and Technical Difficulties: Technology is not without its drawbacks. The setup costs are expensive, and the machines must be maintained regularly. Computers and the internet will frequently fail, disrupting government work and services.

Cybercrime/Leakage of Personal Information: There is always the possibility of private details being stolen from government servers. Cybercrime is a serious problem. A data breach can cause the public to lose faith in the government's ability to govern them.

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