What Technologies Will Government Agencies Prioritize in 2020?

What Technologies Will Government Agencies Prioritize in 2020?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, August 28, 2020

The federal government CIOs are spending most of their time or budget on advanced technologies.

FREMONT, CA: The government sector has historically been slow to adopt new technologies. But the world is entering a new era, and change is on the horizon. Which technologies are likely to attract the most attention? It will vary by the agency as each has a unique mission, budget, and outlook on implementing different technologies. Here are some predictions for technology trends in the federal government sector in the coming years. Top 10 Corrections Solution Companies - 2020

• Network Modernization

As agencies deploy more Internet of Things sensors to collect data and use edge computing, they need a network infrastructure that is more resilient, modern, and advance. Network modernization contract is being designed to let federal government agencies to modernize their networks, especially via technologies like software-defined networking and 5G wireless networks, and replaces the existing contract. Agencies are expected to move toward initial deployments of 5G networks in 2020 and will likely begin to set up contracts that will lead to network modernizations.

• Automation Tools

Around 1.3 billion hours can potentially be freed up through the use of automation in the federal government, according to a recent study. Robotic process automation (RPA), is a technology several agencies are implementing. RPA allows organizations to automate tasks — often repetitive and tedious that users shouldn’t spend much time doing. RPA instead enables agencies to complete these tasks with higher throughput rates, fewer errors, and less reliance on outside contractors.

• Blockchain

More agencies will use blockchain technology in the coming years, as the value of the distributed ledger system become more apparent. Agencies will continue to refine their use of blockchain and AI to enhance procurement. The agencies are pursuing blockchain solutions to identify the sources of safety issues and is exploring how blockchain could facilitate lawful international trade across borders. Government agencies also think blockchain could be useful in the logistics realm with data set sharing, simplifying database management by avoiding the need for centralized database access.

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