What Technologies are Helping Law Enforcement Agencies Grow?

What Technologies are Helping Law Enforcement Agencies Grow?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, June 29, 2020

The latest technologies will help law enforcement agencies to accomplish better results by using lesser human resources.

FREMONT, CA: Law enforcement agencies can achieve more and better results with lesser personnel because of the latest technologies. Here are some of the trends that law enforcement agencies can follow. 

1. IoT Data Sources Will Extend

The general public thinks about consumer devices that can connect the web to swap information like smart homes and self-driving cars when they think of the Internet of Things (IoT). However, in law enforcement, the IoT signifies the prosperity of connected devices that the police can carry like tablets, surveillance drones, smartphones, and body cameras. It devices can also include data sources like w3eb-connected intrusion detection system, security management software, and non-police CCTV. The tools even offer more data to the agencies and the officers which they can use for their purpose.  Top 10 Security Companies in Europe - 2020

In the upcoming years, it will be a challenge to apply the IoT data sources without obscuring the law enforcement with lots of information. The police IT managers must also focus on their IoT data sources carefully, so that does not include the data that are not required. 

2. More Data will increase Transparency

The public is aware of the fact that law enforcement has access to drones, social media, and surveillance cameras. This is the primary reason due to which the police department needs to be transparent with the public so that they also get to know about what data sources they are utilizing and how. 

It is predicted that in the near future, there will be a wide range of options for surveillance because the demand and growth of web-connected technology will also increase. 

3. Demand for Smartwatches will Increase

Smartwatches are already in the market, and it can monitor the vital signs of the wearers and so that the data is available for the user for reviewing. However, the technology of smartwatches can also be beneficial for public safety. 

The police agencies can utilize the customized software on the smartwatches that will help them for communication like response and query. An officer can easily acknowledge the receipt by pushing a button on the watch when a dispatcher sends a command. Moreover, the communication will also be silent and discrete so that the officer will receive the information about a suspect without making use of the land mobile radio (LMR) or smartphone.



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