What Should One Know About Cyber Command's Unified Platform?

What Should One Know About Cyber Command's Unified Platform?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, October 31, 2019

Cyber Command’s Unified Platform enables greater interoperability by allowing organizations to share information quickly and build tools used across the service cyber components.

Fremont, CA: The next breakthrough for Cyber Command’s Unified Platform program will be a fully built software factory, a platform for consolidating applications and inventing new tools. This will help integrate and deploy analytical capabilities for the cyber mission force. Besides consolidating, the platform will standardize the variety of big data tools used by Cyber Command and its subordinate organizations, including the Defense Information Systems Agency. The common platform will allow organizations to easily share information and build tools that can be used across the service cyber components leading to greater interoperability.

The Unified Platform program has been steadily progressing where the program office established a “software factory” and the program called Cyber Enterprise Services. Thus, it provides the environment for building and delivering analytic tools to the cyber force. This is aimed at enhancing multiple cyber platforms with services in command and control, planning, generation, execution, assessment, reporting, and visualization. The software factory is “containerizing” applications using Kubernetes technology, an open-source version of containerization to provide flexible platform and infrastructure abiding by some standards.

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This standardization of the software factory and containerization of the applications provides a suitable environment for anyone to develop software and mission application that applies to the CMF, bring it into the factory. Then the factory contains all of the DevSecOps tool chain. This not only provides a shared environment for the applications but also checks if it’s compliant with the overall continuous environment.

Ultimately, the holistic environment focuses on integrating and ingesting different types of data sources and not necessarily offensive or defensive tools. Thus, the Cyber Enterprise Services program is mainly focused on experimentation about potential mission applications to help the cyber mission force.

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