What is the Importance of Cybersecurity?

What is the Importance of Cybersecurity?

Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, November 09, 2020

The importance of protecting cybersecurity has increased because of the increasing cyberattacks and dependency on technologies. 

FREMONT, CA: Cybersecurity is described as the state or procedure of safeguarding and recovering computer networks, programs, computer systems, and devices from cyberattacks. Today, the cyberattacks are becoming extremely sophisticated and dangerous for sensitive data because the cybercriminals are applying new techniques. These new methods are powered by social engineering and artificial intelligence to diminish the traditional security system quickly. 

Nowadays, people are becoming more dependent on technology. It will continue as the next generation has already been introduced to the smart internet-based devices that have easy access to networks through wi-fi and Bluetooth. 

The importance of cybersecurity

The concern related to cybersecurity is increasing rapidly. Society has also become more dependent on technology than ever before, and there is no sign of slowing down. The personal data, which is exceptionally crucial for a person and can lead to identity theft if it is not appropriately maintained, is now posted for the public on social media accounts. Sensitive information such as bank account details, social security numbers, and credit card information is stored in cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox. 

Whether it is a large multinational company, small business, or an individual, the dependency on computer systems is increasing every day. Today there are numerous types of cybersecurity threats that did not even exist a few years ago because of the growth in cloud services, the internet of things (IoT), poor cloud service security, and smartphones. It is essential to understand the difference between cybersecurity and information security, although the skillsets are becoming the same. 

Governments worldwide are trying to focus more on cybercrimes, and GDPR is its best example. It has successfully increased the reputational damage of data breaches by compelling the companies to follow specific rules. Here are some of the rules that have been outlined by the government. 

• Appoint a data protection officer

• Anonymize data for privacy

• Communicate data breaches

• Need user consent to process information

Many countries are also following the trend of public disclosure. Even though no laws are controlling the data breach disclosure, there are data breach laws. Here are the rules of data breach laws.

• Pay some of the fine

• It is necessary to notify those affected as soon as possible

• Let the government know as quickly as possible

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