What are the Benefits of a Public Surveillance System?

What are the Benefits of a Public Surveillance System?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Saturday, October 12, 2019

In a world where life is uncertain due to the constant threat of attacks from either solo gunmen or a group of criminals, to stay safer, people need to install home security cameras at every doorway in their house.

FREMONT, CA: Apart from security at houses, it is crucial to have cameras and surveillance systems installed in public places like schools, stores, airports, and clubs, to ensure the security of the citizens. Public surveillance helps the officers in conducting their investigations and protecting the public. Unlike several citizens who assume that the installation of cameras can invade their privacy, many others lead secured lives because of the initiatives taken.

There is no such law, which stops the installation of surveillance cameras in public places. Whereas, only a few states in the U.S. have passed statutes that standardize the general usage of video surveillance. However, fixing hidden security cameras in public places, like bathrooms and changing rooms, where individuals have privacy expectations, are strictly prohibited all over the world.

By installing a home security camera, people can gain an increased amount of house safety as technology can help in enhancing public safety. The public surveillance cameras lend a hand in monitoring every movement and keeping people safe in the community with their 360° seamless observation solutions. Furthermore, the crime rates can considerably come down by taking suitable and sufficient precautions in case there are any suspicious activities recorded in an area. Nearly 80 percent of public schools have installed surveillance systems in public places to keep the safety of the students intact and also secure their campuses.

A crime that is committed in an area covered with a public surveillance camera increases the chances of catching the guilty. With the help of facial recognition software, the face of the criminal, which is captured by the security camera in public places, can provide strong evidence to arrest them. Posters can be printed, and the images can be aired on the television to spread the word about the incident along with the one responsible for it. Furthermore, in a few cases, the public video surveillance footage can help in proving the innocence of a wrongly accused person for a crime. Authorities have also engaged the technology to monitor road conditions with live surveillance cameras that provide real-time traffic reports.

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