Wearable Contact-Tracing Devices Surge During COVID-19

Wearable Contact-Tracing Devices Surge During COVID-19

By Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Wearable technology is used to track contact rapidly and notify of the potential of COVID-19 exposure.

FREMONT, CA: Contact tracing is among those terms associated with the COVID-19 pandemic that has seemingly become a part of everyday language. But it is a public health strategy that has been used for years to combat infectious diseases. Contact tracing is a vital component of the toolbox for containing a disease outbreak. Today, wearable technology is used to perform digital contact tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic. With this, wearables developers are focusing on improving the accuracy and energy-efficiency of devices, and, perhaps most importantly, ensuring the technology protects the privacy of users. Here is more to know. Top 10 Government Tech Startups in Europe - 2020

Combating the spread of the virus has been a global challenge. On the positive side, access to unprecedented technology and widespread communication networks are assisting to enhance global response. With advances in technology, there is an opportunity to benefit from data collected from wearable devices at a population level. The Internet of Things transfers this data over a network. IoT can facilitate extrapolation of associations, patterns and trends within extremely large data sets to offer near real-time insights to make sure that a data-driven, informed response to the pandemic.

Such wearable devices can offer a centralized solution for tracking COVID-19 data and digital diagnostics at individual and population levels. Customized biometric bracelet with a wireless communication circuit and a subscriber identity module is available today. It would use the IoT to transfer data over a network to an interactive web-based dashboard that tracks COVID-19 in real-time. Wearing the bracelet would be recommended within a predefined geographic area. Data analytics could then offer a centralized perspective of emerging trends and patterns to improve response and containment.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to increase, some privacy commissioners are lifting data restrictions for health officials to keep track of the outbreak. Beyond securing private data, a critical role of government is to integrate public health efforts to mitigate the pandemic. As the world braces for the next phase of the pandemic, why not leverage wearable technology to design a centralized solution, a one-stop shop to undertake major tasks for enhancing a unified response to COVID-19.

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