Ways AI is Leveraging Digital Forensics for Security Operations

Ways AI is Leveraging Digital Forensics for Security Operations

Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, June 16, 2022

Digital forensics and experts believe implementing AI will optimize forensic investigation.

FREMONT, CA: It is quite difficult for a single person to complete routine work without the assistance of computers or other digital equipment. Computers and mobile devices play an increasingly important role in every element of human existence. Because of this rapid advancement, digital forensics has become increasingly significant. It is a process of locating and analyzing evidence stored on digital memory-equipped electronic devices, such as computers, mobile phones, and network infrastructure. This can include all electronic devices.

The integration of sophisticated analytics into practically every platform can be described by the fundamental shift in physical security, which has shifted from being a proposition that is reactive and defensive to one that takes a more proactive attitude. Forensic experts seek cost-effective integrated solutions to implement in the field of forensics, which can process and track enormous data at high speed. This integration will bring together the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G edge sensors, mobile devices, body-worn cameras, robots, drones, contextual conversational AI, and augmented reality to provide smooth significant exposure, risk assessment, and forecasting behaviors for prompt reactions with real-time machine intelligence.

AI Solutions are Not Just for Video Surveillance

There are other components to security than video. Access control can track patterns that each employee demonstrates and so forth. Outside the realm of video, there is a wide range of applications for which experts utilize AI to identify anomalies, discover risks, and uncover unusual events.

Future trends

It's a pretty broad point, but one evident trend is the dropping number of security guards; there's a tremendous shortage of workers right now. There aren't enough people to go around. While fewer people are working as security guards, the number of sensors used in the business is increasing exponentially. Consequently, there is a significant need in the market for the monitoring of all of these sensors and all of these cameras.

In physical security, analysts anticipate monitoring to become the most prominent market segment. AI is necessary since there are not enough people to look at all of these cameras.

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