VOS Systems Announces Partnership with Crane Division

VOS Systems Announces Partnership with Crane Division

By Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Using US-based manufacturing and development, VOS Systems developed solutions for use with its contact tracing device, AlertTrace, allowing sailors to safely manage daily operations during the ongoing pandemic.

FREMONT, CA: VOS Systems, makers of AlertTrace, announces its partnership with the United States Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, to protect service members from COVID-19. AlertTrace is an accurate and affordable contact tracing platform with user-friendly software, encrypted and secured anonymous data for high level privacy protection, and no tracking or GPS potentials. All devices using radio frequency have a complex time gathering accurate information onboard a naval vessel. The company determined that device placement and using the VOS Systems auto-calibration firmware offered AlertTrace a high degree of accuracy that other contact tracing systems could not match.

At slightly bigger than a US quarter, AlertTrace is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device that actively identifies other AlertTrace devices within a customized range and registers it as a contact. If an individual tests positive for a contagious infection, the system will rapidly identify that person's historical anonymized contacts. This allows exposed individuals to be quarantined, while the unexposed population can safely continue their regular activities.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted that contact tracing is vital to combatting the spread of COVID-19, and that digital contact tracing tools can add speed and efficiency to the conventional contact tracing process. Reports from AlertTrace implementations support this, illustrating improvements of more than 80 percent in adherence to COVID-19 guidelines, and a 99 percent decrease in the amount of time required to conduct contact tracing. The data-driven support AlertTrace offers frees up much-wanted resources and allows the Navy to continue to offer the secure environment sailors and personnel need to focus on their mission.

AltertTrace is excited to work with the Navy to help protect service members from COVID-19. The company will serve them in this crisis and with other infectious diseases in the future.



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