Utilizing Big Data for creating a Healthier Society

Utilizing Big Data for creating a Healthier Society

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, December 05, 2018

The world today is inflicted with major social issues that have an impact on all the people. These issues range from health, education, environment, and justice. The primary concern of governments worldwide is to promote public health and welfare, and also provide adequate medical facilities to all its citizens.

When governments deal with matters of public health, the issues of infant mortality rates, drug abuse, and a high rate of youth suicides are mostly focused on. Latest government statistics claim that more than a 1000 New Zealanders, under the age of 18, have had to wait for more than two months to get help from mental health support service. They also state that more than 5000 youth have had to wait more than three weeks for an appointment. This shows how inadequate medical services are at present.

The use of big data to analyze and provide solutions to major health issues is the necessity of the hour. Big data helps to efficiently study large amounts of information and provide predictive analytics on the accumulated data. Big data application has been utilized by the government of Indiana, to assess the reasons for high infant mortality rates in the state. The government successfully brought together a large measure of data from varied sources and finally concluded that the lack of proper medical facilities was the reason behind increased infant deaths.

The soaring concern faced by the US government was the $1 trillion opioid crisis in the country. This posed a significant threat to lives all over the country. The government effectively came up with a helpful approach by mapping drug overdoses across the nation. The use of big data allowed the government to assess real-time information and conclude that the drug activity was highest in opioid prescriptions, thus increasing the death tolls. The emergency services and social service agencies were equipped to identify the increase of the drug overdoses and the impact it had on the people. This information helped the treatment providers deliver solutions faster.

The government of New Zealand can employ the same methodology of analyzing data and then providing faster and effective mental health services to the youth of its country.

Big data thus, is vital in offering practical solutions to significant problems in society.



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