Using AI to Address Public Safety Concerns

Using AI to Address Public Safety Concerns

Catalina Joseph, Gov CIO Outlook | Sunday, January 09, 2022

AI is poised to become a vital tool in preventing and detecting crime, giving public safety agencies a powerful new ally.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being tested in an increasing number of fields, including data-centric environments. Image analysis, speech recognition, chatbot interactions, custom machine learning models are all elements that could power the AI journey of a public safety and security organization. Being an increasingly sophisticated technology, AI could assist governments in bringing about a safer community. So, know more about the AI’s possibilities in public safety.

AI in public safety can improve operational effectiveness through automation and augmentation. When coupled, they complement human expertise, providing faster and better results. While AI can identify patterns that may escape the naked eye, humans can contextualize data insights and decision-making with intuition and experience. AI can help boost the efficiency of public safety agencies by automating routine administrative tasks that would otherwise fall to humans. AI-enabled chatbots and virtual assistants can also handle repetitive tasks.

Top 10 Public Safety Solution Companies - 2019In public safety, AI is starting to widen into operational areas such as intelligence and investigation management, and case file preparation. This will free up valuable time for law-enforcement officers and employees to focus on higher-value activities and to communicate with the communities they serve. AI is proved to be invaluable from a data analysis perspective, because it can process huge volumes of data at a pace that humans can never match, identifying patterns and creating insights that might otherwise be missed. AI is valuable for agencies that need to analyze unstructured data from image, video, and voice recordings, as it keeps the workforce from having to sift through and interpret numerous data feeds.

AI has the potential to identify people, objects, and movements and to create alerts in response to identified threats or data anomalies. This has implications for several scenarios, like securing major public events, policing roads, and surveilling crime hotspots.

 The benefits of AI will grow as society becomes increasingly connected with the rise of sensor and IoT technologies. As a result, the need to prevent and identify criminal activity must not override the ethics that handle public safety operations. Given the right strategy and controls, responsible AI offers great benefits for both citizens and the government.

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