Upon Collaboration Enterprises Strengthen Compliance Recording

Upon Collaboration Enterprises Strengthen Compliance Recording

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Clark Elmore, Director of Strategic Alliances Public Safety

Verint’s collaboration will encourage businesses to capture Microsoft team’s communication across back-office, contract center, and trading floor operations.

FREMONT, CA: Verint, a customer engagement company, recently announced its engagement with Microsoft to support compliance recording for Microsoft teams. The collaboration will further enable in integration, development, co-selling efforts and assist the organizations with the Verint Financial Compliance collection, a comprehensive suite of compliance solutions.

Verint has been recognized among Govt CIO Outlook’s Top 10 Public Safety Solution Providers - 2018. Furthermore, businesses will benefit from the enhanced collaboration and streamlined teamwork using Microsoft’s rapidly growing business application upon leveraging the combined capabilities. Besides, by also making sure that the work adheres to alliance’s relevant regulatory requirements for monitoring, reporting, and recording. The new layer of compliance recording will allow organizations to capture the teams’ interactions correctly across the back-office, contact center, and trading floor operations.

Verint has developed chief compliance solutions intended to alleviate compliance risk for Microsoft’s Unified Communications (UC) for the past decade. The organization’s recording systems was one of the first one to receive Skype for business certification in 2016. The system facilitates all communication modes and multiple interaction scenarios offered on the platform, furthermore strengthening the tool by deeper integration with Microsoft Azure. Verint is developing the solutions based on future compliance recording APIs for teams, consequently helping organizations from regulated industries to tackle concerns within the collaboration environment.

Secure and Compliant Recording Solution

Verint Financial Compliance records all media sources and communication from unified communications, mobile, trading turret, collaboration, and IP telephony platforms. Given the need to obey a series of legislations in the financial markets like the Dodd-Frank Act in the United States and MiFID II in the European Union, integrated and innovative compliance capabilities are vital in financial services organizations. The aptitude supports organizations with sophisticated regulatory demands. Verint Financial Compliance helps organizations to address the increasing volume of voice, scope, and electronic communications data that must be stored, recorded, and available for retrieval. The compliance solutions present a wide range of capabilities that involve the skill to capture communication data including video, SMS, voice, video and content sharing.

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