Two New Remote Speaker Microphone Keeping up with the Theme to...

Two New Remote Speaker Microphone Keeping up with the Theme to Cater the First Responders

Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, March 26, 2020

Bob Plaschke, President & CEO

Companies team up to provide the most rugged and compatible Remote Speaker Solutions with Channel Selector to the first responders of the emergencies.

FREMONT, CA: Sonim Technologies launched its Stone Mountain Phoenix Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) equipped with 10-channel Selector and Klein Valor RSM with 16-Channel along with Volume Selectors. The ultra-rugged accessories have been designed keeping in mind the first responder, providing a complete hands-free communication experience on Sonim’s XP8 and XP5s handsets.

“We are a new breed of Silicon Valley innovators who are intentionally breaking the status quo of public safety globally with our range of custom-built rugged smart communicators,” states Bob Plaschke, the president and CEO of Sonim Technologies. And these RSM products are equally rugged as the Sonim devices, which makes it ideally complementary to the handsets.

“When we started shipping phones, it was clear then that the folks who worked in extreme conditions really didn’t have a phone manufacturer that represented them,” adds Plaschke, as he explains the theme of the products and its customizations for those men in emergencies.

The key features which demonstrate the compatibility with Sonim’s XP8 and XP5s:

•  Sonim’s SecureAudio interface enables the microphone in the speaker to be physically secured to and powered by the XP8/XP5s, features that Sonim devices are recognized with across the cellular industry.

•  Capacity to use the RSM for directly changing channels or talk groups and to control the variation in volume.

SLA’s ESChat can control the Stone Mountain Phoenix and Klein VALOR RS Ms’ Push-to-Talk (PTT) voice qualities. It can be done using a FirstNet-ready, over which, the solution custom developed on Sonim’s SDK is compatible with the other channel selectors.

Sonim is recognized as one of the Top 10 Public Safety Tech Companies in 2018 by Govt CIO Outlook magazine. The RSM, 10-Channel Selector matches the company’s ultra-rugged; IP-68 and Mil-Std-810G performance standards. A knob for channels changes and volume control, listen-only headset jack, and large PTT button is also included. For covert listening in secure, quiet settings, an optional listen-only earpiece jack is provided. Along with it is a built-in emergency push button on the RSM is mapped to the Sonim handset emergency button. It makes the initiation easier in case of a lone worker or man-down alerts. Stone Mountain has given a 2-year limited liability warranty.

The Klein VALOR RSM with 16-Channel and Volume Selectors meets IP-55 performance standards. The set-up includes two physical knobs for channel and volume selection, two large PTT buttons (front-facing and thumb) and over-molded rubber for grip. It is also provided with a locking earpiece port for listen-only headsets. These headsets are linked to the receive audio from the speaker to reduce background noise and curb awareness of information to the public. Klein Electronics gives a 3-year limited liability warranty.

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