Trimet To Improve Traffic Flow In Poland, Implements LYT...

Trimet To Improve Traffic Flow In Poland, Implements LYT Intelligent Transit Signal Priority Software

Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, August 08, 2022

LYT's intelligent traffic technology will expedite the on-time arrival of millions of riders.

FREMONT, CA: Connected intersections and traffic signals have enormous promise for managing traffic, shortening travel times, reducing congestion, and encouraging reduced emissions. TriMet, a provider of mass transit transportation services in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, and LYT, a leader in intelligent connected traffic technology solutions, are implementing LYT's next-generation Transit Signal Priority (TSP) software solution as part of TriMet's Division Transit Project.

"TriMet is one of the most progressive transit agencies in the nation, leveraging modern technologies to improve transportation for the people across the Portland Metro Region," states Timothy Menard, Founder, and CEO of LYT. "Our goal is to improve the way people move through our cities while improving safety and reducing congestion for communities. By adopting LYT's solutions, agencies like TriMet can leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning technologies, and real-time information and analytics to improve the intelligence of their operation, benefitting travelers and residents alike."

Incorporating LYT's TSP software, LYT.transit will allow traffic signals to prioritize bus travel, enhancing timing and dependability for transit riders. The Division Transit Project is preparing the way for longer buses to operate efficiently and dependably at frequent service intervals, allowing passengers to arrive at their destinations more quickly and on time. Improving the timing of TriMet's bus service will enhance traffic flow.

The Portland metropolitan area ranks 14th worst in the US and 115th worst globally, according to a report produced by the Kirkland, Washington-based company INRIX in 2019. Commuters in the Portland area lost 27 hours in 2020 due to traffic congestion.

When finished this fall, the Division Transit Project will expedite bus service between downtown Portland, east Portland, and the suburb of Gresham with longer buses, more frequent service, and the new Transit Signal Priority system. The technology of LYT is currently implemented at 58 intersections, and the complete Division Transit Project is scheduled to commence passenger service on September 18, 2022.

"We awarded the Division Transit Project to LYT based on their technology and expertise. LYT has completed setup and we are now beginning operational training and testing along the Division Street corridor," explains A.J. O'Conner, Director of Intelligent Transportation Systems at TriMet. "By moving buses faster and more efficiently, our riders will be able to rely on TriMet buses more, and ultimately more people will have the confidence to get on board."

The humble traffic light has relied on its rudimentary social sensors for the past century. LYT connects the signal to extensive information to demonstrate that LYT has reconnected the traffic signals to the road users. Using artificial intelligence, LYT unlocks the power within a signal and controls the decisions and operations of that signal in the cloud. By employing machine learning and artificial intelligence to tap into street-level activity, LYT is improving the efficiency and intelligence of its signals. For entire cities, LYT's solutions are given and implemented swiftly.

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