Top technology trends changing the transportation system over the year

Top technology trends changing the transportation system over the year

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, March 15, 2019

Technology reckons unparalleled dynamics in the industry of transportation. The transportation system is marked by a critical transition, which is entirely driven by technology. A brief comparative study of statistics of the years 2018 and 2019 explaining this change clearly indicates the introduction of smarter and more flexible features. A quick and comfortable journey is just a click away! Everything is computerized, and transportation is no exception. As a boon to all those who use public transportation systems, technology has gifted simple and practical traveling options. With this advancement, the frequency of running late to the office can be reduced considerably.   

Aiming at smart mobility, technologists have propounded concepts for digitizing the transportation systems. There are multiple software products and applications, which are developed to serve the purpose of facilitating eco-friendly, economical, quick and practically feasible traveling techniques. Some of such innovations are ridesharing, intelligent geographical mapping systems which are used to continually alert the riders about traffic updates and congestion control mechanisms, and various online ride booking portals. These portals help travelers save enormous amounts of time waiting for transport. Adding to the facility, there are pre-booking options, which help people who travel to or from the extension or coarsely populated regions.

High-tech transportation service providers cater to the real-time challenges and adversities of path engineering processes. Enriching the online aspect of transportation, developers are focusing on harnessing the elements of technology which help in providing a fuss-free traveling experience to the travelers. Inspired by various online and smart channels, which make efficient use of the transportation system, a few researchers predict that electronic transports are the future of the world’s transportation system driven by technology.

The drift in the transportation technology from 2018 to 2019 has followed a holistic approach to witness developmental changes. However, critical factors such as safety and security, maintenance and management, accidents, etc. need to be essentially taken care as technology advances. 

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