Top 3 Technological Trends Essential to Attain Sustainable...

Top 3 Technological Trends Essential to Attain Sustainable Development Goals

By Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, June 18, 2020

Technology is a crucial aspect of optimizing and transforming public services today.

Fremont, CA: The government and public sector CIOs are leveraging modern technologies to digitally transform the way public goods and services are rendered, improved, and maintained. Moreover, public sectors are embracing the best of technology, like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, and so on, similar to their private-sector counterparts. There is a continuous attempt to look out for ways to reduce the cost of services and facilities, create efficiencies, and better the social, economic, technological, and environmental outcomes. Here are three different technological trends that are adopted to attain sustainable development goals.

Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence (LI) is the data and insights obtained from geospatial data. It is used to visualize spatial data for identifying the trends and relationships to get actionable information. This can enable the government to predict the areas with a high frequency of crime and, accordingly, allocate security for public safety. In the same way, location intelligence can be used to enhance healthcare services and research. It helps healthcare organizations to identify disease epicenters, plan care delivery, environmental impact on health, and many more on time. Top 10 Emergency Management Solution Companies - 2019

Workforce Automation 

The public sector has some pain points like decreased productivity due to a high volume of work and insufficient tools to manage tasks. Thus, process automation is one of the best ways of automating the functions performed by humans, thereby streamlining the priority and execution of critical tasks. Regardless of the industry, a public sector organization is working for, and process automation can transform the way functions are managed. Process automation can also be adapted to create a virtual workforce in other sectors like health, education, police, central government, and so on.

 Augmented Intelligence 

Augmented Intelligence is an alternative concept for Artificial Intelligence, which emphasizes on the assistive role of AI technologies rather than focusing on the fact that it’s designed to replace human Intelligence. It’s a partnership model of AI and the people working together to augment cognitive performance.

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