The upcoming evolution of cloud

The upcoming evolution of cloud

By Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, March 12, 2019


Cloud computing has been around for too long as it has forayed into its second decade. However, the term 'ripened' does not mean that this technology has been explored and utilized to the fullest. Cloud computing has been cracked just superficially, and the result is vigilant- cloud applications have found their place everywhere in today’s world. Cloud is a prime technology behind digital business transformation, analytics, automation, dynamic storage functions, marketing and sales, agility, scaling strategies, innovations of advanced business processes, infrastructure development tools and the list continues.

The onset of cloud explosion has taken the technology and all that it has to offer us, to the next level. Here are the three dimensions of focus which have helped cloud computing move towards fruition.

• Evolution and application

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Cloud computing is one of those recently emerged technologies, which has risen to fame in a short period. Gartner’s 2018 Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing reports that Cloud computing has touched the point called ‘slope of enlightenment.’

• Impact on customer experience

One of the future goals of cloud computing is to create a better and responsive user experience. Focusing both on business to business and business to customer platforms, the cloud has upgraded to provide quality customer experience and best user satisfaction.

• Transformation through innovation

Innovation is the only entity in today’s world of business. The digital transformation of industries is measured based on how creative, unique and tailored, the solution, concept or a strategy is. The new phase of cloud computing, cradles innovation with its technological inventions.

As competency remains very significant in the globe of business, the key to gain long term success is to switch to the future developments and features of cloud computing to not just reform the present business models but also to maintain the pace of the business process as per the growth of technology. 

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